treehugging and trial biking don’t mix. it is a harsh truth. no self-respecting treehuggers will want to see their beloved trees taking in the smog spewed out by gasoline rides, but with the KUBERG Free-Rider Electric Motorcycles, that is a different story altogether. described as the “most versatile electric bike”, the KUBERG Free-Rider is geared towards a broad range of ages, ranging from three year-old kids to teenagers to veteran riders. generally speaking, the bike only tips the scale at 84 lbs (38 kilograms) and is powered by a 2 KW BLDC motor, juiced by 15 Ah lithium polymer batteries.

the setup allows for one full hour of riding at maximum speed with a 166 lbs (75 kilograms) rider, and has a top speed 34 mph (55 km/h). recharging is pretty quick too; it takes just two hours to full charge via standard power outlet (110V or 220V) or a generator. granted that a range of 34 miles (75 km) is nothing to shout about, but it is more than ample for trial biking purpose. the bike is primarily designed for teenagers, but adults are welcome to give it a go too. as to whether KUBERG Free-Rider is road-legal or not, well, that depends on your local laws, but seriously, if we were to acquire one, we won’t be using it as a transport to get our local convenience stores or malls. this bike needs to go where it is meant to go: dirt trails. already, we can imagine the exhilaration it would bring kicking up the dust without disturbing the tranquility of the forested area.

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the KUBERG Free-Rider is up on Kickstarter where you can show your love by backing up the project. pledge amount starts at $799 for the 2015 KUBERG Start, a ride specifically designed for kids between 3 and 5 years of age, and runs up to $2,999 for a RACE variant blessed with a more powerful 3 KW motor. there are more reward levels in between and beyond the RACE variant, which includes a 10k family package. if you are all up for it and has the money to drop, we suggest you head down to KUBERG’s Kickstarter campaign page to learn more. steal a few more look after the fold.

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