Flaunting your wealth challenge has been a staple in China’s social media (read: Weibo). The latest flaunt your wealth challenge, however, is somewhat tastefully done. Well, at least, most of them are anyways. Btw, it does not involved crudely taken photos of fu er dai with stacks of yuan, nor does it involve burning real ren ming bi. Instead, the latest fad is people taking photos of themselves laying face down on the ground (like after a fall) with luxury goods scattered around them.

Latest Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge
Credit: 宋泽晨 via Weibo.

Apparently, the trend, with the social media hashtag #fallingstars, got picked up after a Russian DJ posted a photo of himself pretending that he had fallen from a private jet. Anyways, to date, millions have part took in this newest flaunt your wealth challenge with one video garnering over 50,000 views on Weibo. The video depicts a woman lying beside her car on a pedestrian crossing in Taizhou, Zhejiang province while surrounded by high heels, makeup and handbag.

Latest Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge
Not exactly flaunting the wealth, but it is cool nonetheless. Credit: Weibo.

Just in case you are curious, the said woman was said to be fined for parking violation by local authorities. But I am guessing, that’s not even a pinch in her account if she is supposedly filthy rich. Anyways, Chinese ‘influencers’ have jumped on the opportunity to show off their increasing wealth. But in reality, the origin of falling stars meme, according to Vox, “is emblematic of a rise in luxury consumer culture – and inequality – across the world.”

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As this meme becomes viral, the rich gets to flaunt their wealth while we, the mortals like us, get entertained because, this latest fad has also invited cheeky responses from everyday people across a broad variety of professions, ranging from doctors to technicians to students.

Now I am inspired. I should take one where I pretend to fall flat on my face while alighting a public bus and surrounding me will be handful of pennies, endless credit card bills and mortgage repayment notices. Sound like a good idea? I think it will be a major hit. Don’t you think?

Latest Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge
A photographer take of the flaunt your wealth meme. Credit: Weibo.

Featured image: 宋泽晨 via Weibo.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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