not all desk lamps serve its intended core purpose of shedding lights on your desk but that doesn’t make lightings such as the LED Mushroom Desk Lamps any less desirable. even the name itself spells curiosity and beckons us to check it out. one thing to note is, this isn’t your regular novelty lamps that you will find in your local novelty stores and they are certainly not Toad from Mushroom Kingdom; they are creations by Japanese designer Yukio Takano, who is a true blue mushroom aficionado. how do we Takano is in fact a mushroom head? he has a website, aptly named Great Mushrooming, dedicated to all things mushrooms including mushroom-inspired designs, mushroom photography and a mushroom blog. you can’t beat that kind of dedication, can you? in any case, what makes these LED Mushroom Desk Lamps stand out is, they are made to look like wild mushrooms growing on logs with accompanying details (snail, fungus and stuff), but are actually LED-powered desk lamps. and that itself is enough to rank high on anyone’s novelty chart. unfortunately, it looks like these lamps were created out of the artiste’s own interest and are not awesome things that money can buy, but then again, we could be wrong (thanks to our limited knowledge of the language). regardless, do scroll down and enjoy some images of his wonderful creations or visit his website on Geocities (man. i didn’t know Geocities still exist!) for more mushroom goodies.

Great Mushrooming [JP] via Laughing Squid

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