If you look at the LEGO creations by Spencer Rezkalla, you’d imagine that he’s an architect because, he love building LEGO version of famous skyscrapers. In reality, Rezkalla is a super creative and talented LEGO builder who is in fact an automotive engineer by trade. He has created many mind-blowing custom LEGO architecture, but this Apple Park is one that had us completely enthralled. Just look at this thing. How can anyone not enthralled by it?

LEGO Apple Park by Spencer Rezkalla

His 1/650 scale LEGO replica of Apple’s sprawling 175 acres campus in Cupertino, California took over two years to complete and boasts incredible details, ranging from the imposing four-story ring-shaped office building to the Steve Jobs Theaters to the R&D offices to the Apple Park Visitor Center. Man, this LEGO model of the Apple Park has it all. And yes, all, including the tunnels entrances, the bridge over the Calabazas Creek and even the pond and the trees – like seriously lot of trees.

LEGO Apple Park by Spencer Rezkalla

It is crazy detailed this LEGO Apple Park model is. The entire model measures an astonishing 28,000 square studs (261 studs by 173 studs), or about 19 square feet (6.8 ft by 4.5 ft), and it weighs in at a heft 77.5 lbs and packs a mind-boggling 85,000 LEGO elements. Just take a minute to take that in. Eighty-five-freaking-thousands! Though I think the trees account quite a bit there (it has 1,647 trees, btw), it is insanely impressive nonetheless.

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LEGO Apple Park by Spencer Rezkalla

LEGO Apple Park by Spencer Rezkalla

Images: Spencer Rezkalla/Fabrizio Costantini.

Source: Uncrate.

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