LEGO Black Ops 3 Purifier Flamethrower by Zazi Nombies

Is there a limit to what LEGO bricks can build? Well, it looks there is almost no limit to speak off. These plastic bricks can be used to build anything from a life-size drivable car to a functioning cyborg arm to a working computer keyboard, and now, you can add flamethrower to the list of incredible things built with the world’s most awesome plastic bricks. Yes. You heard that right, a flamethrower – a weapon that spews out fire. Created by LEGO enthusiast by the handle of Zazi Nombies, this flamethrower is based on the in-game flamethrower known as “Purifier” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. And yes, it actually spits out flame which is as horrific as it is awesome.

The built is ridiculously awesome; you know, the details that went into it and all, and the fact that this 1,200 bricks contraption can actually throw out fire is straight up insane. Which begs this question: fire and plastic don’t quite mix, isn’t it? Yep. Science don’t lie. Plastic will melt when exposed to high heat and the LEGO weapon is no exception. It did suffer some melting and charring at the vicinity of the nozzle, but Zazi Nombies is totally cool with it, as he said it gives the Purifier an more authentic look. Scroll down to catch the LEGO Purifier in action.

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YouTube via Technabob