While LEGO City sets already have food trucks, this food truck proposed by LEGO Ideas member artkazmin is much closer to our hearts: the hot dog. I mean, how can it not be closer to anyone’s heart when it is selling one of the most popular – if not the most popular – street food, hot dogs? OK. Maybe a Taco Truck would be a close fight but anyways, so yeah, someone has MOC-ed a Hot Dog Van and it is cool as hell not just because it’s a hot dog van but because it looks really, really good.

LEGO Ideas Hot Dog Van by artkazmin

In order to create an accurate representation of a van that sells food, artkazmin studied real snack trucks and translates what artkazmin had learned into this model. The result is an eye-catching, unusually squarish food van with a sign that says what it sells without the need for words: a brick-built weiner sandwiched in a bun. artkazmin’s proposed LEGO Ideas Hot Dog Van has a well-kitted-out interior that includes a compartment for donuts and buns, a display case, a cash register, a coffee machine, a table, a sink, a grill, and a refrigerator. Wait. What? No mustard dispenser??? Ugh. It really should have one.

LEGO Ideas Hot Dog Van by artkazmin

Also included is a table for customers – minifigure customers, that is, and a promoter dressed in a hot dog costume. The latter is what completes the set, IMHO.

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If you like to see this LEGO Ideas Hot Dog Van by artkazmin become a reality be sure to drop your support for the set on LEGO Ideas. It has 400+ days to reach the next milestone (1,000 supporters).

LEGO Ideas Hot Dog Van by artkazmin

Images: LEGO Ideas (artkazmin).

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