Last month, LEGO Ideas asked fans to vote for one of the four rejected LEGO Ideas submission to give it a chance to become an official LEGO set as part of its LEGO Ideas 10th anniversary celebration (which was actually last year, btw). A couple of weeks later, the result is out. The winner is International Space Station by XCLD which got away with 10,438 votes.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station

XCLD’s ISS was up against cutesy Stitch from Lilo and Stitch by Legohaulic, Sega Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke and a yellow chest-busting sculpture by Nathan Sawaya. Stitch had the second most votes, coming in at 5,739 while Sega Classic Arcade Machines and Small Yellow ended with 3,788 and 2,924 votes respectively.

The result is not surprising at all given the on-going ‘space hype’ among the LEGO community and this year being the 50 anniversary of the historic moon-landing event. LEGO Ideas said the ISS garnered an unprecedented 45.6 percent of all the votes cast.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station

Now that the fan vote has concluded, the winning LEGO Ideas submission will enter into the official product development phase as with regular LEGO Ideas winning submission. At this point, details like final piece count and pricing are not available until the set’s imminent arrival in 2020.

So, space nuts who are looking to fill up your non-fictional LEGO space sets do keep your eyes peel for this awesome set coming your way.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (XCLD).

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