Danish LEGO enthusiast Jimmy Jakobsen aka Jimmy-DK’s Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. may have not made pass the LEGO Ideas review, but he ain’t stopping. The man next LEGO Ideas submission will tug the heartstrings of folks who grew up in the 70s and 80s too.

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade by Jimmi-DK

Everyone, meet the LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade. A brick-built version of Namco’s highly popular arcade cabinet from the 80s that is roughly 1/5the the scale of the original.

While the build is non-functional, Jakobsen proposed to have transparent elements with graphics on the screen and sign and have them lighted using power function lights to create an accurate representation of the iconic arcade cabinet.

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade by Jimmi-DK

The LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade also features all the details that made it an arcade cabinet, including joystick and buttons, and coin door. Where most arcade cabinet has an open back, Jimmy’s LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade has a door that opens up to reveal the battery that powers the light function.

All told, this proposed set has 875 pieces and measures 128 mm wide, 168 mm deep, and stands 333 mm tall (5.04 x 6.61 x 13.11 inches).

If you like to see the LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade have a shot at becoming an official LEGO set, do drop your one precious support HERE.

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade by Jimmi-DK
LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade by Jimmi-DK

Images: LEGO Ideas (Jimmy-DK).

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