Fans of dinosaurs will be glad that LEGO Ideas submission Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection by Jonathan Brunn, AKA Mukkinn), has been selected as the next official LEGO Ideas set. Announced at the recent LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review, Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection is the only set that made the cut.

LEGO Dinosaurs Skeletons Approved

Sadly, the playable LEGO Grand Piano by Donny Chen we previously feature here was selected, but there’s a glimmer of hope though. LEGO said it is the most ambitious project that they have to evaluate and thus, they will be needing more time “to get into the details” and that means, whether or not, the playable LEGO Grand Piano will make it or not will only be announce later this year. Anyways, back to the selected set, the Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection.

The set comprises of skeletons of five dinosaurs, each with its own exhibition based. The dinosaurs in the collection includes brachiosaurus, dilophosaurus, plesiosaurus, stegosaurus and triceratops. It is not clear exactly how many pieces the dino fossil each has, but they averages around 1,000+ pieces each. So, I am guessing this will be a series? Possibly.

LEGO is working on the final product design for the LEGO Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection, but reassure it will be launch this year, in 2019. That said, pricing and availability for this set are TBA. In the meantime, you can learn more about the set and its creator, Mukkinn, in a 10K Club Interview HERE. You can also catch the review video below.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (Mukkinn).

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