Oh, nothing much here. These are just awesome LEGO interpretations of sci-fi classic posters and book covers from the 80s aptly called Tales Of The Space Age by LEGO Ideas member john_carter (not John Carter of Mars, just in case you think he his!).

LEGO MOC Tales Of The Space Age by john_carter

I think LEGO’s palette is perfect for this creation. john_carter described himself as a space and science fiction nerd, and judging from the username he had chosen for himself, we have no question about his claim.

We came across john_carter’s submission to LEGO Ideas on Twitter and the first time we saw it, we were won over. We thought it has a huge potential as part of the LEGO Art series, joining the likes of Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Pop Art sets wall arts.

However, the set of three isn’t huge. Each picture measures 10.4 cm by 14.7 cm )about 4.1 by 5.8 inches) and shares pretty much the same build between them.

On each wall art, it depicts the surface of a planet that gradually transition to space. That alone is not the inspiring part; the inspiring part is the neo-retro vibe offered by the cleanly defined lines and solid color.

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While john_carter said he drew inspiration from classic posters and book covers from the 80s, I find it has more of an Asimov’s vibe and I like it, a lot. I use to create fictional, neo-retro posters myself and as such, I can fully appreciate what john_carter has created. Just in case anyone’s curious, here is one of my previous creations from way back in 2012:

Future Vintage Medic Corp Poster by Mike Chua
Credit: Mike Chua.

Images: LEGO Ideas (john_carter).

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