Two years in the making, LEGO enthusiast Brick Builder’s LEGO MOC Titanic (not to be confused with Australia’s The Brick Builder who was responsible for the Guinness World Records’ Largest Brick Caravan, btw) is finally completed. Coming in at 2.4 meters (around 7.9 feet) long and packing 11,000 LEGO elements, this LEGO MOC Titanic features quite a number of details, including the lifeboats that were never enough for the 2,208 people onboard, smokestacks, and other deck details – though it is not as detailed as the 120,000-brick creation by The Brickman that features the final moment of the supposedly unsinkable cruise liner.

LEGO MOC Titanic by Brick Builder

Sadly, though, it does not appear to have iceberg lookout station on the masts. Speaking of masts, it does not appear to sport the many mast lines too. Regardless, the efforts is admirable. 11,000 pieces may not sound like a lot in the world of LEGO MOC, but hell, this is still one heck of a build that is so massive that Brick Builder had to split into multiple videos. But it is done now. In fact, it was done since December 2018. Now, as awesome as awesome as a LEGO MOC could be, but lets not forget that the many who has perished in this fateful tragedy on 14-15 April 1912. Anywho, if you like, you can take a look at the full build of all parts in a video below.

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Images: YouTube (Brick Builder).

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