Brelyon UItra Reality display lets you experience VR without a headset but Lenovo wants to take it further. The computer maker wants you to step into the virtual world from your home environment, also without a headset.

Lenovo Project Chronos Concept

Folks, meet the Lenovo Project Chronos Concept. Not going to lie. It took me a while before the eureka moment and when I do, I am kind of looking forward to seeing what Lenovo Project Chronos Concept can do.

So what exactly is this device? Well, simply put, it is a hands-free, wearable-free motion-tracking and facial capture that creates an avatar of you in the virtual world that you can control in the real world. It is like consumer-grade motion capture without the need for a motion capture suit.

Lenovo Project Chronos Concept

Lenovo said the built-in advanced RGB depth camera will render your avatar on the screen “with industry-leading low latency.” Once your avatar is created, you can roam the virtual world, mingle with friends, play motion games, collaborate with coworkers and interact with 3D projects in the virtual space, and more.

The device connects to your TV or a monitor via HDMI or DP. The Lenovo Project Chronos Concept is powered by a 13th-gen Intel Core processor, runs on Windows 10, and is backed by up to 32 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB SSD storage. Also onboard are two speakers rated at 6W each, as well as Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.0.

Lenovo Project Chronos Concept

The Lenovo Project Chronos Concept, which was unveiled at last week’s CES, is still a concept at this point. There is no firm date for when it will materialize. There is a video embedded below to better show what it can do.

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All images courtesy of Lenovo.

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