while the Jetsons family futuristic lifestyle is still far from becoming a reality, we think LG Smart HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one-step closer to that reality. yes. we realized that the product name is a mouthful, but it is for good reasons. this latest iteration of the robotic vacuum is strutting its stuff at the IFA 2013 and as its name suggests, this sleek robotic cleaner sports a more logical design approach with a squarish form that should allow it to reach out to typical right angle corners far better. to top that up, there’s the redesigned brushes that are 1.5cm longer to ensure dust and dirt in even the tightest corners can be whipped out and into the vac. the onboard dual camera gets an update too – they are now smarter and faster to enable more efficient cleaning. these cams are essential for the bot to snoop out your pad, scanning the ceilings, walls and floors (even in the dark) to form a ‘smart map’ where it will use to navigate around.

the cams work in conjunction with multiples sensors, including corner sensors, to detect obstacles within a 180-degree field and remembering them for a collision-free operation. also built into the Smart HOM-BOT Square is a Learning Function for remembering cleaned area so that it won’t be repeating itself. the Smart HOM-BOT Square boasts a low noise level operation and being just 89mm tall, which means it can clean virtually anywhere – even under the beds and sofas when you are sleeping or watching the TV. a large capacity Easy-out Dust Bin located on the top allows for easy emptying of debris and an improved battery life allows for extended period of cleaning before it actually need to be emptied or recharged. the Smart Control features allow you to control the bot with a smartphone, check the cleaning history, set cleaning schedules, and update the bot’s software, or install new software. other features include HEPA 11 filter for effective dust particles separation and odor removal, Smart Turbo Mode for auto floor-type detection, voice guidance and LG smart diagnosis.

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available now for a cool $799.99.

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