When LG pitched the idea of twin wash washing machine, AKA washer, we thought it was a crazy idea. Like, who needs two washers in one washing machine, right? Well, as it turns out, it was a hit. OK. Maybe not a hit, hit, but it does sell, or at least we thought it sells because, the electronic giant is pushing out a new generation of TWINWash Washer and Dryer – this time packing even more tech. How much innovations, you ask? I am not quite sure, but being a recipient of 2019 CES Innovation Award, it must have some pretty kick-ass innovations, right?

But what really caught my attention is, it has some pretty crazy capacity. This 27-inch front-loader that can swallow a king-size comforter, plus a full set of bedding at the same time. And if you know anything about doing laundry, that is a beast in capacity. This being a TWINWash, it naturally has a sidekick washer (that’s the smaller compartment below), aptly named SideKick, designed for smaller loads that don’t need long wash cycle, or more delicate clothing.

LG TWINWash Washer and Dryer CES 2019

Key selling features of the new LG TWINWash Washer and Dryer include a DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer (that saves energy using lower drying temperature), TurboWash360 (for quick and thorough wash), and Auto Cleaning Condenser that keeps the condenser free of lint and debris to improve air circulation. And oh, it is smart too – thanks to LG SmartThinQ technology which takes the guesswork out of which drying cycle to choose.

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Also, it totally works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to enable you to do things like turning the machine on or off, start or pause a load, monitor the cycle status and more – all by using simple voice commands and a smartphone app. But I don’t think it has voice assistant baked into it. My impression is, it has to go through the app, but I could be wrong.

The LG TWINWash with TurboWash360 and dryer with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump will come in a new Black Steel finish for “a premium, luxurious addition to any home.” So, yeah, doing laundry can feel luxurious too. Kind of. LG will be bring the new LG TWINWash Washer and Dryer to CES 2019 where you can catch these white goods, along with other new LG products at booth #11100 in Las Vegas Convention Center, between January 08 and 11, 2019.

All images courtesy of LG.

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