limited edition Yellow TRON Xbox 360 controller by PDP

PDP Yellow TRON Xbox 360 Controller 544x488px
(credit: PDP) Limited Edition Yellow TRON Controller | US$49.99 |

hot on the heels of the limited edition Ice Blue Xbox 360 TRON controller announced last week, is the limited edition Yellow Xbox 360 TRON controller. if you already own the Ice Blue and Orange edition, this could be the perfect round up. though we would like to see one more color to complete the controller collection for a four player game play.

the Yellow edition sports the same design and construction as the Ice Blue edition with that, it is also a disappointing wired controller. i guess if you’re such a huge fan of TRON, that wire shouldn’t bother you much. as with the previous limited edition, this is also an officially licensed product by Microsoft which features rubber grips with soft touch, precision controller parts and vibration support.

only 350 units will be made available and it will be on sale on April 14, at Noon EDT. the PDP Limited Edition Yellow TRON Controller is a “Web Exclusive” and cost $49.99 a pop.

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