turn your Galaxy Tab into a netbook with this keyboard case

Thanko Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case
(photos: Thanko) Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Keyboard | ¥6,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

unlike Apple iPad, most tablet out in the market suffers from the lack of accessories, especially cases. it is no surprise due to the variety of tablet sizes that makes manufacturer think twice about mass producing them or even begin to design any. before the slew of tablets came into market this year, Samsung has successfully dab in tablet market with it’s Galaxy Tab. that said, there’s a good chance that many still has the Tab and here’s an accessory dedicated to all the loyal Galaxy Tab folks.

from the Japanese company that constantly churn out quirky stuff comes the two-in-one case for your trusty first generation Galaxy Tab. it comes with a full Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, essentially turning your Galaxy Tab into a netbook. the case also feature a kickstand that props up your tablet for a more ‘notebook’ feel. the case holding the tablet is frame in such a way that the keyboard will not scratch you tablet when closed. the Bluetooth keyboard has a built-in battery pack and charges through the supplied USB cable.

the Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Keyboard is only available in Japan and its on sale via Thanko web store for ¥6,980 (about US$83). not exactly cheap but accessory like this is far and few between in the market.

Thanko via Akihabara News

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