If you have not catch on with today’s business operation trend, you ought to educate yourself that huddle room, i.e. small conference area complete with audio, video and display system technology, is a thing and the video conference camera, AKA video collaboration device, you see here is Logitech’s answer to this current trend. Designed from the ground up with businesses who utilise huddle rooms, the Logitech Meetup promised to capture more and provides optimal audio/video experience for smaller meeting areas/rooms, which are often a lot wider and shallower.

Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera

It is outfitted with a Logitech-engineered, low-distortion 4K optics offering a super-wide 120-degree FoV (plus 25-degree side-to-side adjustment), along with integrated audio that boasts three sound-isolating microphones, as well as a voice-optimized speaker to ensure people involved can be seen and heard clearly. And it does it all in a neat, cylindrical form that consume tiny fraction of the precious table real estate. Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera is slated to hit the shelves in July 07, available through Logitech Video Collaboration reseller network, Amazon.com, and Logitech.com, priced at $899.99. Obviously, Meetup has its lens on businesses, but hey, like I always say, if you have money to drop for this darling, nobody is going to stop you. I sure won’t, so is Logitech.

Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera

Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera

Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera

Images: Logitech.

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