thanks the big screen version of the G.I Joe, this humble cartoon from the 80s managed to get a slight jolt of revival. though how many who have watched the movies actually become a fan of the original series is a mystery to us. in case you are one of those old school G.I. Joe fan or a convert because of the live action flicks, the Look/See x G.I. Joe Sunglasses might be just as collectible as its original action figures. there are five flavors being offered: two good guys (First Sergeant Duke and Snake Eyes) and three villainous dudes (Storm Shadow, Destro, and star super villain Cobra Commander), each pair of sunglasses comes packed in a limited edition blister packaging that’s based on the original action toy figure packaging from the 80s. though the five versions share the same frame design, they do come in different hues unique to each model, along with different lens color. additionally, each pair of shades also features an etched logo on the inside right temple, showing the character’s allegiance (Cobra insignia for the bad guys and the Joe’s logo for the good dudes). regardless of which model you choose, their lenses all offers 100 percent UV-protection and there is only one size to it. unfortunately. the Look/See x G.I. Joe Sunglasses has a limited run of just 100 units, each with a going price of $110. so awfully expensive, we must say, and therefore, odds of it flying off the shelf are pretty huge. so if you want one, then you better act fast. click through for a few more look.

Look/See via Oh Gizmo!

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