last year, when we heard wind about the prospect of Lotus motorcycles, we are pretty doped and we still are today. in fact, Lotus motorcycles is to become a reality, but the Lotus C-01 Motorcycles, as it is called, will not be built by the British maker of sports and racing cars. word has it that German racing firm Kodewa and tuner Daniel Simon managed to secure the license to use the name from Lotus Cars and will be building the C-01, which is a Daniel Simon’s design. Simon, incidentally, was the person behind the Tron Light Cycles and had dabbled in Bugatti as a consultant. honestly, with a bike this drool-worthy, we don’t quite care who’s behind; all we need to know is, it will be built and it has the innards to match the stunning visual appearance.

speaking of innards, this iron steed comes fitted with a KTM-sourced water-cooled 1,195 cc V-twin engine, pumping out a good 200 horses which puts it firmly in the super bike territory. it has a frame made from a combination of steel, titanium and carbon fiber, and rolls on 19-inch wheels up front and 17-inch at the back. transmission comes in the form of a six-speed jaw-type shift gearbox, while stopping power comes from generously-sized brake discs: twin disc at 320 mm paired to four-pod calipers for the front and single disc at 220 mm with two-pod calipers at the rear. no performance figures were offered, neither were there any indication on the pricing and availability, but reassure it will be made, albeit in an exclusive production run of just 100 units.

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price is one thing, rarity is another – which means most folks won’t be able to lay hands on one and so, the least we could do is to ogle over some beautiful images which you can find in the image gallery below.

Lotus Motorcycles via Autoblog

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