Luggage suite for your beloved pedal-power two-wheeler

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(photos: CycleEXIF) Revelated Designs Bike Luggages | from US$30.00 |

lovers of off-road touring on their beloved bike would often need to install racks or trailers (or both) in order to lug along supplies that are necessary to survive for days end. those additions are without doubt cumbersome and could dampen your free-spirited, round the wilderness adventure but Alaska-based bike gear maker, Revelated Designs, has a complete suite of luggage that would maximize the available space of your bike without going the racks or trailers route. its catalog consists of frame bags, tangle bags that fit a variety of bikes, ‘Gas Tank’, seat bags and among the many others. basically, it has everything that you will need to outfit your bike into one mean off-road touring machine, allowing you to pack in everything that you will need for the ultimate survival in the wilderness. the fine example shown here is a CycleEXIF SALSA FARGO TI equipped with the said Revelated Designs’ luggages for bike. i am not much of a cyclist but i know i am impressed. strange as it might sound, but it makes me want to take on the road with a pedal-power two-wheeler once again. i am not sure about the locking up part but i guess when you out in the wild, theft by fellow humans are less of a concern. more images after the break.
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Revelated Designs via CycleEXIF

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