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if you ever met with a car accident, you would appreciate the importance of video evidence of the unfortunate event. a video recording can do away with unnecessary disputes, thus resulting in sooner resolution of the accident. to capture such crucial footage, you can purchase one of those costly in-car camera or you can just get an app for 99 cents to turn your iPhone into a car black box.

the iCar Black Box uses the iPhone’s GPS, accelerometer, clock and date functions to do its job. the app not only records down video but also details such as the location of the accident displayed on a map, speed of the car, time and date of the accident – all which are vital info and evidence of who’s wrong doing resulting in the unfortunate accident. in the event of an accident, the accelerometer detects sudden jerk from an emergency brake or impact and ask if you wish to save the footage. hitting the ‘OK’ on your iPhone screen, the footage leading up to the accident will be saved. user also has a choice of manually activating the recording via the Emergency Record screen button. the app will also prompt the user if he or she wants to contact the police with a pre-assignable emergency number.

of course, in order to execute the recording, your iPhone has to have a clear view of the front of your vehicle which means it has to be mounted on the windshield of your vehicle, thus not everyone (me included), will feel comfortable with the set-up and not to mention the cables that might be hanging down at the sides of the iPhone. you certainly can do without the cable, but your iPhone might run the risk of running low on juice by the time you get to your destination.

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