Ever saw those marble puzzle tracks and totally impressed by them? If you do and you have the desire to make one yourself, but lacked the technical skills, well, then Makeway is exactly the puzzle game for you.

So what the heck is Makeway anyways? Simple. It is a modular and creative “super puzzle” that you can build however you want, limited by the piece types. It has eight tracks and fifteen tricks which you can use to let your imagination run wild.

The best part about this new build your own marble puzzle track is, it does not require even an inch of floor space. Thanks to the magnetic bits on each component, you can build your masterpiece on any ferrous metal surface, including metal cabinet, steel doors, and refrigerator.

I would love to talk about how great it is, but nothing describes the awesomeness of this puzzle toy like the pitch video, which you can find below, does.

Makeway is available through Kickstarter where you can secure a set for $49-$299, depending on how soon you back the campaign and the chosen pack.

Makeway Build Your Own Marble Puzzle Track

Images: Makeway.

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