While some people are fined with just cosplaying as Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Lord Voldemort, one Insurance Agent in Singapore took it a step further, but without dressing up as the nose-less villains. To be precise, he merely assumed the ‘role’ of Lord Voldermort by using the fictional character’s infamous name and like the villains himself, he was up to no good.

This “real life” Lord Voldermort is a Myanmar national and Singapore permanent resident by the name of Ye Lin Myint. The vindictive 36-year-old took revenge on former and potential clients who had rejected his business by sending them threatening letters signed off as “Lord Voldermort”. In Ye’s perspective, anyone who failed to turn up for scheduled appointments with him, those who terminate insurance polices bought from him, or potential clients who failed to sign up insurance policy (policies) with him, are all considered as Harry Potter. No wait, I mean to say, his revenge victims.

Apparently, Ye had sent 33 people, demanding them to send him one Bitcoin. This man is really the definition of vindictive. Not only he is vindictive, but he was a bit of a meticulous person. According to a report, Ye’s preparation for his evil plan include signing up for a Switzerland-based email service using his wife’s laptop as “Lord Voldermort” and creating a Bitcoin wallet linked to the said email account for anonymous communication with his victims and receiving the cryptocurrency.

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The nose-less villain’s name was presumably unavailable as Ye proceed to use the misspelled name “Lord Voldermort”, as opposed to the correct Lord Voldemort. Either that or he was like me who never knew how to spell Lord Voldemort correctly. In order to make his victim pay up, he even take on the modus operandi of loan shark by harassing his victim’ neighbors in hope to force the victim to accede to his demand.

Anyways, to cut long story short, the law eventually caught up with him and Ye was handed with two years and five months prison term late last month under Singapore’s Protection from Harassment Act.

Image: Warner Bros. Composition by Mikeshouts; Ransom words by Randomizer.

Source: CNA.

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