I know. We tagged this as ‘weird stuff’, but if you have been active in live streaming scene, particularly in Asia, you will know that this not all that ‘weird’. But more on that in a bit.

The story goes that a Taiwanese influencer recently made headline when she earned around US$3,000 while live streaming herself, well, sleeping. And no, she wasn’t a test subject of some sleep science experiment.

Over 10000 Fans Tuned in to Watch Influencer Sleep

The lady in question was Yiting Wang (王依渟), a former member of Chinese-Malaysian pop group AMOi-AMOi [CH]. She live streamed herself sleeping for five hours over Twitch instead of her usual activities like playing video games and interacting with her fans.

You’d think that no one will stick around to watch a motionless body, but this being in Asia, things are a little different. Over 10,000 fans turned up and watch her sleep away from 5PM to 10PM. Yup.

As weird as it sounds, it did happened (apparently), and not only that, donations were ringing in to a tune of around US$3,000. Dang it. That’s earning more than any of us here by miles! And that amount is not including the purported advertising revenue (how so? I have no idea!).

According to a report, at one point there were 11,200 viewers. Like, seriously. What were the fans expecting. To witness their idol fart in the sleep? Or perhaps snores or drools?

Anywho, back to the live streaming scene in Asia… in some live stream apps, it is no uncommon to find some live stream hosts sleep through live streaming and still managed to get donations in the form of in-app gifts. So, yeah, she wasn’t the first. Such is one of the oddities in today’s life.

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Image credit: YouTube (依渟Twitch實況VOD頻道).

Source: Luxury Launches.

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