MB&F Nixie Machine by Frank Buchwalch

Nixie tubes, aka cold cathode displays, were what folks use when LCD and LED haven’t been invented. Much like incandescent bulbs, they are beautiful, but not quite efficient. Despite so, we have seen them put to good use in clocks even till today. You can even DIY one yourself if you want to, but nothing will be comparable to what MB&F and Frank Buchwald has came up with: the MB&F Nixie Machine. So what the heck is a Nixie Machine? Well, its an pretty over-the-top clock that uses Nixie tubes to present you with hours, minutes, and seconds, or day, month, and year in date mode. So, yes. It is a clock, which is somewhat related to what’s MB&F is doing. At least, it is closer relation to its field than a music box, right? Anywho, that’s what set this forward thinking luxury timepiece maker apart from its competitions: It has the spirit of innovations and has no qualms in taking on projects outside of its comfort zone.

MB&F Nixie Machine by Frank Buchwalch

The Swiss watchmaker’s iteration of Nixie tube clock is actually a masterpiece of German artist Frank Buchwalch and is based on the idea by Frank’s friend Alberto Schileo. The base might be of hefty burnished steel and brushed brass, but with its four-legged design, it kinds of resemble a menacing, killing robot depicted in some sci-fi flicks and novels and in this case, the six 90mm Nixie tubes would be the robot’s head, but that’s just our imagination, cos’ we quite sure Frank did not had that in mind when designing this. Anywho, the Nixie tubes are among the largest ever made and they were made by a state-operated Soviet company called RFT circa 1960s. But being all pretty is not all it does. This artistic timer teller also boast the right amount of tech by the way of a built-in GPS and DCF77 receiver which it uses to pull time (and date) from the satellite so that it will always have accurate time, along with the date, without your intervention no matter where it is on Earth.

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So how much for this pretty, giant Nixie tubes-based clock? Not a lot. It will only drain 24,800 Swiss Franc (or about US$27,000) from bountiful asset. If you want one, you’d be hurry cos’ we heard there are only 12 pieces made.

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