MEGA Hot Wheels Collection

Fans of Hot Wheels who also like to build stuff may want to check out the new buildable versions of three of Hot Wheels’ most recognizable vehicles: Bigfoot Truck, Muscle Bound, and Mod Rod.

MEGA Hot Wheels Collection

The MEGA Hot Wheels Bigfoot, Muscle Bound, and Mod Rod aren’t the first buildable Hot Wheels vehicles. However, they are definitely larger in scale and have more details than the MEGA Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Building Sets we saw last year.

The MEGA Hot Wheels Bigfoot Truck has the least pieces at 538 but it is also the most expensive set at US$81. Not sure why but I am guessing it is because of the massive rolling wheels and the included die-cast Bigfoot model.

MEGA Hot Wheels Bigfoot Truck

How big? We do not have the exact dimensions but all three trucks are of 1:18 scale and pack anything between 538 and 641 pieces. In contrast, the Monster Trucks Building Sets have 187-194 pieces.

Other highlights of the buildable Bigfoot include iconic graphics and deco, an opening hood to reveal a removable engine, suspension, and interior details with a central driver’s seat.

Likewise, the MEGA Hot Wheels Muscle Bound also touts authentic design elements, iconic graphics, and deco, along with features like rolling wheels, opening doors and trunk, and opening hood with hood support to display the engine. It also boasts a detailed interior complete with a stick shifter, handbrake, steering wheel, and a pair of bucket seats. All told, the MEGA Hot Wheels Muscle Bound has 622 pieces.

MEGA Hot Wheels Muscle Bound

Meanwhile, the MEGA Hot Wheels Mod Rod is a 641-piece set that lets you recreate the iconic hot rod, complete with iconic graphics and deco, plus deluxe features like rolling wheels, opening doors and truck, opening hood with removable engine, and interior details with seats and all.

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The MEGA Hot Wheels Mod Rod, which sells for US$59, is available now. However, Bigfoot and Muscle Bound are not. They are available to order now for US$81 and US$59, respectively, with the Bigfoot to ship on or before October 28 and Muscle Bound on or before September 16.

MEGA Hot Wheels Mod Rod

Images: Mattel.