Being a fan of anything means you have to be rich. Case in point: The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Collection. Yes. It is happening. And also yes, it is freaking expensive.

The massive Infinity Saga Blu-ray box set (more like carton set, really) that contains all 23 MCU flicks promised by Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is here! It is available to order now at Best Buy for a cool $549.99.

It is probably the first time in your life that you will be contemplating to finance for Blu-ray collection which Best Buy is also offering. Anywho, the The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Collection is due to arrive on November 15, 2019, according to Best Buy website.

The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

For $550, you will be getting 23 individually packed 4K UHD and Blu-ray Art Cases, an exclusive Matte Ferguson Lithograph, a signed letter from Kevin Feige, and an exclusive bonus disc with “never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes, and more.”

The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is a numbered limited edition collection, but just how limited, it is unknown. Unfortunately, it does not come with any special collectible. I was half-expecting it come with an Infinity Gauntlet, but alas, it doesn’t.

When it comes to super fans, MCU is not lacking of any and so, if you want one, we’d suggest you jump on it asap. If $550 is too too much for your wallet to handle, you can always turn to the “lesser” box set, i.e. the MCU Phase One, Two and Three box sets that contains 17 Marvel movies on Blu-ray going for a tad more affordable $199.89.

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Better yet, if you prefer to read instead of watching, there is the Marvel Studios” The First Ten Years Anniversary Collection (ISBN-13: 978-0316453226, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) Paperback or Hardcover that sells for just $43.99 and $81.54, respectively.

Images: Marvel/Best Buy.

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