Movies of scenes where people seemingly talking to each other, hands-free and at quite a distance apart is pure bullshit. OK, maybe not. Perhaps the characters were using Milo?

Milo Action Hands-free Group Communicator

No, not that beverage. Milo is a walkie-talkie of sort, except that it is completely hands-free. There’s no button to press to talk. You just talk.

Milo Action Communicator is an ‘action communicator’ that lets you chat with your squad hands-free at distances up to 2,000 feet (610 meters; or a mile in long-range mode) and doing so without Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Milo Action Hands-free Group Communicator

The secret sauce is the proprietary MiloNet wireless networking protocol that offers reliable distribution of voice over a highly dynamic ad-hoc mesh network. It is tolerant to packet loss, provides proactive routing, latency control and is “air efficient.”

Here’s an overview of how it works:

Milo Action Communicator further boasts advanced audio processing, including wind and noise suppression, six high-performance microphones, a complex RF design, and a custom speaker and amplifier.

When set up, Milo’s mesh network offers secure, closed-channel communications at conversational volume, so everyone can do what they are doing and communicate at the same time.

Milo Action Hands-free Group Communicator

The hardware can be clip to the pocket, bicycle or motorcycle handlebars, helmet, or on an armband. Finally, users will be alert when someone in the group is going out-of-range or re-joins the group.

You can learn more about Milo Action Communicator at Kickstarter where you can also secure a pair or more for US$319 or more.

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