PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive You Can Actually Build Things With These LEGO USB Flash Drive
LEGO brick USB flash drives aren’t new (we shall not question their authenticity, though), but PNY’s LEGO USB Flash Drive could be the only official ones that you can actually use to build things, which means you can have a LEGO house as a USB drive if you desire. available in 8GB and 16GB capacities. from $7.99. BUY. [via]

Star Wars Sculpting A Galaxy Sculpting A Galaxy Takes You Back To Time Before CG
before CG flourished in movies, miniature models where staple of special effects and this book, the Star Wars Sculpting A Galaxy, explores this special trade pertaining to this iconic sci-fi franchise. includes models of all six films, over 300 photos/illustrations and DVD of model shop documentaries. $394.99. BUY. [via]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Gift Set Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Gift Set with 6.5″ Raphael Statue
forget about the critics, wouldn’t it be nice to own a piece of the turtles, or in this case, a 6.5-inch Raphael statue modeled based on the digital character used in the movie and also snag a copy of Jonathan Liebesman’s TMNT movie? this special edition comes packed with Blu-ray, DVD, as well as Digital HD. $79. BUY. [via]

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Toyota Graphite FT-1 Concept Toyota Gave Both Real World and Gran Turismo 6 FT-1 Concept An Update
you have seen and awed by it, and as if it wasn’t enough, Toyota has updated the real world FT-1 Concept with new graphite paint job and a light, saddle-colored leather interior. the same applies to its digital counterpart, which will be downloadable race car on Gran Turismo 6 for a limited time. LEARN MORE.

Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch Rugged Beauty: Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch
ruggedness and elegance are like water and oil. they don’t mix, but not in the case of the Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch. it combines both, giving you a mil-spec rugged 44mm watch with elegance offered by an analog Swiss movement, plus contemporary touch of LED digital display. from $350. BUY. [via]

2014 Braun Watch Collection Braun Continues Its Mantra of “Less Is More” With These New 2014 Timepieces
keeping with the firm’s mantra of “less is more”, Braun 2014 watch collection features chronograph, digital-analog hybrid, leather strap and a super cool all-ceramic pieces – all bearing Braun trademark super clean and super minimalist aesthetic. they certainly didn’t let Dieter Rams down. from $135. BUY. [via]

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