if you are into all things electric, we bet you will be thrilled to be experimenting on faraday’s cage. what? too basic? how about building yourself a Tesla coil then? you know? the almost magical electrical invention that is essentially a resonant transformer that builds up extremely high voltages using AC electricity at high frequency, which can then be coaxed into making music and creating awesome spectacle? yup, that’s the one and it would be the similar to those you have seen it in documentaries and movies like the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. if the notion of experimenting with electricity tickles your senses, then the tinyTesla Kit is just the ‘toy’ for you. available through Kickstarter for $149 and up, the tinyTesla Kit is a product of oneTesla, an organization committed to make engineering education challenging and fun.

oneTeslaTS Kit

as the product name implies, you will be able to build your very own miniature tesla coil that Nikola Tesla would be proud off. when put together this little wonder will shoot sparks and play MIDI tracks, turning you into an electrifying maestro. but more importantly, the process of building will let you learn about physics and electronics, and perhaps, brush up your soldering skill too. there are two models to choose from during oneTesla’s Kickstarter campaign. the palm-size tinyTesla Kit, which is limited to 250 units and cost $149, and its bigger brother oneTeslaTS Kit, which goes for $399 per kit. only 150 units of the oneTeslaTS are available, which 138 units have already spoken for. so if one either, you will need to act fast. the Kickstarter campaign has reached and surpassed its set funding goal, and so the production is go. as for delivery, tinyTesla will ship in January 2015, while oneTeslaTS is slated to ship in December 2014. catch a pitch video after the fold to learn more.

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oneTeslaTS Kit - Closeup

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