Mojo Vision CEO Wears Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision, the maker of the smart contact lens with smart glasses functionality, has made huge progress in recent months. Not only the company has revealed its advanced prototype but the CEO, Drew Perkins, wears it for real. That’s right. Folks, science fiction has gotten real! This absolutely bonkers, in a good way, of course.

Mojo Vision CEO Wears Smart Contact Lens

The Mojo Lens features a custom PCB folded into a conical shape and embedded into a scleral lens, which is a medical-grade contact lens with decades of history. The inside of the lens is sculpted to fit the contour of the wearer’s eyeball.

The fact that the custom PCB has a bunch of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that ensures the image remains stable based on the user’s eyes movement, along with a radio for wireless transmission, a crazy tiny display, and medical-grade micro batteries to power it all is absolutely mind-blowing.

Mojo Vision CEO Wears Smart Contact Lens

The wearable contact lens does have a display with eye-tracking capability in it to realize an augmented reality display right before the wearer’s eye and also enable a person’s gaze as a controller. Note: it is gazing and not staring, so you shouldn’t look like you are spacing out when using it.

The display itself is also another mind-blowing development. It is the world’s smallest and densest micro-LED display, measuring just 1/2 mm across and packing a whopping 14,000 pixels per inch. The minute 0.5 mm diameter has no less than 280 pixels, btw.

Mojo Vision CEO Wears Smart Contact Lens

The wireless radio is also developed in-house. It is a 5 GHz radio featuring a proprietary Mojo-developed protocol that streams content to the lens and also pulls sensor data off the lens.

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The Mojo Lens is really science-fiction come true. This means the contact lens in The Batman may not be far off.

Images: Mojo Vision.

via Ubergizmo.