Mr Hoverboard Leaf Blower-powered Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard was the hoverboard made real with some pretty cool science behind it, but along with it comes a prohibitive price tag. That, plus the fact there are only eleven made available, makes it even more unattainable. That said, we are going to assume that you didn’t acquire this future of skateboarding, but we would like to be the bearer of the good news and tell you that not all hope is lost because you can actually cobble one up yourself and better still, this one that you’re going to put your blood and sweat into it will work on any surface. It is not entirely free per se, cos’ you will need a few things to get started, including four Black & Decker battery-powered leaf blowers. Being technically-incline is definitely a bonus.

So if you are willing, Mr Hoverboard will guide you through on how to put together your very own hoverboard for free and the real kicker here is, whatever materials your need will definitely cost way, way less than 10 grand. Oh, there is a caveat though. Since it hovers like a hovercraft using leaf blowers, it is definitely not something you want to ride in the middle of the night because it will make more than just a ding. Keep going for a video of the DIY hoverboard in action.

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via Hardwarezone