The North Face, Kathmandu, Columbia, and the likes are brands synonymous with outdoor adventures. However, if you identify yourself as more of an explorer than an adventurer, then perhaps, getting dress in National Geographic Urban Tech Clothing Collection would be a more fitting choice.

National Geographic Urban Tech Clothing Collection

But that’s just me. My impression with NatGeo is, exploration and photography. So, ermm, yes, NatGeo finally has its own line of clothing that isn’t a collaboration with other brands. That’s refreshing for the yellow frame media company.

For its maiden exploration into the apparel market, National Geographic has teamed up with Corem, an Omnibrand Group company, to produce the pieces.

The National Geographic Urban Tech Clothing Collection has nearly every aspect of daily wear, across all seasons, covered. The collection has everything ranging from t-shirts to parkas to hoodies and vests.

National Geographic Urban Tech Clothing Collection

And for an organization closely associated with nature (or at least in my opinion, it is), sustainability is part of the apparels. Take for example, all filled jackets has lining made from recycled PET bottles as opposed to traditional goose down.

Plus, sales of the collection will also “partially benefit the charitable interests of the National Geographic Society.”

The National Geographic Urban Tech Clothing Collection will be offered at At the time of this post, they are not available for purchase yet. Meanwhile, you can browse the collection on

Images: Corem/National Geographic.

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