You have seen the first look, now watch the official trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2. Netflix just drop the trailer on YouTube a while ago and boy, it really has a lot to take in.

Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 Official Trailer

TBH, I vaguely remember what happened in Season 1. The few memories I have on Season 1 mainly revolve around the ambitious Yennefer. It’s a scholarly thing which I shall not dwell in…

Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 Official Trailer

Anyhoo, I guess it calls for a rewatching of Season 1 before Season 2 debuts on Netflix on December 17, 2021. I am also curious about if Ciri does indeed possess some sort of power. And no, I did not read the book.

Can’t wait to hear more of Dandelion songs about the adventures of Gerald of Rivia. Keep going for the said trailer.

Images: YouTube (Netflix).

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