Nissan Divide-N-Hide for Rogue SUV

Nissan Rogue (and Rouge Sport) may have generous cargo space, but they, like so many SUVs, suffer from runaway items and also, whatever you put back there is expose for everyone to see – including criminal minds.

Enters Nissan Divide-N-Hide, a cargo storage system specifically designed for Nissan Rouge and Rouge Sport that lets you store your stuff, such as holiday gifts you have just purchased, neatly and out-of-sight.

Nissan Divide-N-Hide for Rogue SUV

Divide-N-Hide provides 18 ways in the Rouge and 6 ways in the Rogue Sport, for convenient hatch storage with adjustable shelves and dividers to maximize space. So there you have it, a simple and clever solution to solve a problem that plagued Rouge and Rouge Sports.

We have no idea how much Nissan Divide-N-Hide for Rogue and Rouge Sport SUV sells for. If you are really keen, you may want to reach to your local dealer for more information. Keep going to see how Divide-N-Hide works.

Images: Nissan USA.