If you are heading out into the wilderness, the new NOA Forest Axe from Roamer Korea will come in very handy. Designed first and foremost as a chopping tool for your outdoor survival needs, NOA has an axe head that strikes a balance between accuracy and force.

NOA Forest Axe and Multitool

In addition, NOA Forest Axe is also a survival tool. It is lightweight enough to tote around while showing no mercy when it comes to splitting wood. This makes chopping fallen trees for firewood or other use a breeze.

And when precision cutting or shaping for the latter is required, NOA has a knife and saw combo stashed away within its handle which you can access by unscrewing the midsection.

The axe head also doubles as a hammer with a large hitting surface. Those are not all. Also packed inside NOA are a whistle, a fire starter, a bottle opener, and a compass, and it has a glass breaker too.

NOA Forest Axe and Multitool

All told it has no less than 9 tools in a single package. This means fewer things to carry when you head out into the great outdoors.

The only con I see is the lack of an ergonomic handle for a super firm grip on the axe. But that is a small sacrifice to make for such convenience.

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It could come in handy when you are at home too. You know, splitting logs for your fireplace, and other DIY and home improvement jobs.

NOA Forest Axe and Multitool

Wrapping up the package is a stylish sheathe for the axe head and a case for the handle made from genuine leather.

You can learn more about this new survival axe in the market over on Indiegogo where you can also pre-order a unit for US$99 or more.

NOA Forest Axe and Multitool

Images: Roamer Korea.

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