Tesla lets you play video games in the car with the steering wheel as the controller. BMW is bringing gaming to its vehicles in 2023 too. But the M Mixed Reality in the new BMW M2 is not. If you think no way you can drive and play games, let alone with a mixed reality headset on, well, you are wrong because the M Mixed Reality is exactly that.

M Mixed Reality in the New BMW M2

“The unique mixed reality approach, which a team of BMW M engineers developed together with Epic Games for the BMW M2, allows drivers and their vehicles to immerse themselves in a virtual world. People need to be able to experience the new feeling of driving a BMW with VR/MR glasses while mastering challenges at high speeds as in a racing game.”

M Mixed Reality in the New BMW M2

This unique game requires the player (the driver) to avoid obstacles, collect virtual “coins” (complete with BMW branding, of course), and more. What makes mixed reality even more unique is it takes all movement and rotary axes of the BMW M2 into account and thereby making the vehicle itself the controller. So this kind of makes it the fastest controller in the world (though it hardly makes any sense).

Have look at the M Mixed Reality in action at the BMW Driving Academy, Germany, to get a feel of what it is like.

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All images courtesy of BMW Group.

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