OM/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

the world where Bluetooth speakers are in abundance, audio products makers are exasperated on how to make theirs stand out from the increasing overcrowded market and have a piece of your attention and money. a rectangular box or cube is not going to be enough. heck, even a sphere isn’t going to cut it pretty soon, well, unless it is suspended in the air like the OM Audio‘s OM/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. yup. you heard that right. a levitating sphere and one that also reproduces sound. OM/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker has two parts to it: the Bluetooth speaker, which is the orb and a magnetic base, which lends the orb the levitating ability. the latter is powered by ac outlet and houses a USB port that can be used to juice the spherical speaker’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery (or any other USB powered devices). unfortunately, non contact charging is not in the order, so yeah, you still need a USB cable to juice up this little round guy.

the speaker orb can be use with or without the magnetic base, which means you can grab the sphere as you head out for your on-the-go music enjoyment needs. the 3.6″ diameter speaker is driven by a “finely tuned” 75mm driver and is equipped with microphone for speakerphone duty. the onboard battery is good for up to 15 hours of continuous usage and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to enable wireless audio streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled sources, such as your smartphone or tablet. it can be paired with a second OM/One to create a stereo audio, if mono isn’t your kind of thing. we can’t vouch for the audio quality, but hey, even if it doesn’t sound as audiophile-ish as it might have wanted, it’d still be a conversational piece and a pretty high-tech sight for any high-tech, contemporary homes. Just be sure to remind Pepper not to play ball with it. you can pre-order the OM/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker in black, white or ‘disco ball’ for $179.

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