It has a been while since we last saw a gun-shaped game controller. The last one we saw was a buildable AR toy gun and that is for an AR game (which can work perfectly without the gun controller). I guess in today’s FPS, there is really no need for a gun controller.

OneShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller Indiegogo

I mean, you need to run, jump, duck and you know, do stuff other than mowing down your virtual enemies, which makes a gun-shaped controller not practical. But one upcoming gun-shaped controller is going to change that.

Called OneShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller, it is the world’s first laser-targeting gun-shaped controller designed specifically for FPS gaming.

OneShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller Indiegogo

What makes this game controller unique is, it can swiftly switch between “gun mode” and regular game controller mode. It resembles a submachine gun with two handles, each having a bunch of controls. A twist of the handles will turn the gun into a regular controller.

From the demo video, the use of the OnsShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller looks very much like handling a real gun. You know, pointing front when shooting and holding it parallel to your body when running with it. It really looks super fun.

OneShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller Indiegogo

The handles of the controller have all the physical controls you expect of a joypad. These include the D-pad, thumbstick, triggers (aka shoulder buttons, and whatnot.

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Not a lot is known about this pretty exciting gaming peripheral except that it will be available at a discounted price on Indiegogo. Speaking of which, you may get yourself signed up over at its Indiegogo page to be notified when the campaign goes live.

Meanwhile, you can also learn more about the device in the video below and also by visiting the product’s page on

OneShot FPS Gun-shaped Controller Indiegogo

Images: Facebook (OneShot Controller).

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