only hardcore fan would love this Empire Strikes Bike

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seriously, a classic cruiser is the last thing you would expect to be modded to anything remotely close to a Star Wars themed bike but here it is right, before our eyes is The Empire Strikes Bike as transformed from a Skywalker Ranch staff bike. this Star Wars flavored bike was originally created as a showpiece to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back at the Comic-Con and Celebration V in 2010.
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here’s an excerpt from

[quote style=”boxed”]Literally created in a residential garage, the frame, wheels, and crank were acquired directly from an official Skywalker Ranch staff bike. From there it was a matter of accessorizing the bare-bones frame and wheels with pieces found on eBay to give it an Empire spin: fenders, chain guard and skirt guards came from various 1940s cruisers, including a J.C. Higgins Colorflow and Monark cruiser; the springer forks were pulled from a 1960s Sears Spaceliner; the tank combined a ’60s Roadmaster body with a Hasbro AT-AT head rigged to “fire” its reciprocating chin guns with lights and sound; Master Replicas FX lightsabers were gutted and re-worked to become the headlight (Luke’s) and taillight (Vader’s) with lights and sound activated by switches on the lightsaber handgrips; the luggage rack was a modified 1982 Kenner Rebel Transport toy, now with swing-back rear to stow gear; a Hasbro Titanium Series Slave I worked nicely as a fender ornament; finally, the chrome Vader handlebar topper was lopped off a giant PEZ dispenser, having the added bonus of built-in light-up eyes, music and dialog from the films. Chrome tail, leather streamers, and torpedo pedals were added for flair.[/quote]
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though i am a Star Wars (just fans) but i ain’t a fan of classic bicycles. nevertheless, it is a nice bike. i was kind of hoping to have a working AT-AT chin guns. you know? for self-defense against potential thief of this unique bike.

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