Fuego Element Portable is the messenger bag of BBQ

Element Portable by Fuego 544x311px
(image credit: element by Fuego) Fuego Element Portable | US$149.99 | www.elementbyfuego.com

BBQ affair takes a step into portability with the element portable by Fuego. this new age BBQ grill can be slung over your shoulder just like you would with a messenger bag and thus, giving a literal meaning to cooking on the go. at a push of a button, the legs fold down and lock into the cooking position. done with the cooking? another push of the button, straightens the legs out and instantly transform them into handles. the red band you see in the image is actually the travel band that holds the legs, lid and grill together and when combined with the adjustable canvas shoulder strap, you have one neat BBQ equipment that you can take it anywhere you want.

the BBQ grill works with both 16.4 and 14.1 LP gas canisters and features a variable control valve that lets you control the surface cooking temperature just the way you want it to be. the element portable features a 159 square-inch cast iron grill for better heat conductivity, and a push button igniter fires up the 8000 btu/hr stainless steel burner capable of 350-650DEG.F of heat. great, now you have the real estate for a gang of people to BBQ on, enough heat to cook the toughest meat and it is ultra-portable. so what are you waiting for? time to hit the road with one this, or may be two. the Element Portable by Fuego retails for $149.99 and is available for pre-order here. you know? it’s never too early to prep for summer vacation.

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Element by Fuego via Fast Co.Design

Pasotti: luxuriously shielding yourself from the elements

Pasotti Umbrellas 544x368px
(image credit: Pasotti) Pasotti Umbrellas | from US$280.00 | www.pasottiombrelli.com

as you would have expected, everything that we use in our everyday life has a luxurious version. case in point: the Pasotti umbrellas. handmade by the Italian firm, Pasotti, these umbrellas are crafted from the finest materials known to man. with jargons like “double cloth system stretch over the frame” and items like silver or gold ring to hold the brolly together when the umbrella is collapsed (as opposed to the common fabric and velcro catch combo), you know it’s going to be one hell of a luxurious umbrella. completing the shield of luxury are fabric topped with hand-stitched Swarovski crystals and matching crystals on the handle, which is also done by hand.

in case, you need more than just umbrellas, Pasotti has other item of luxury, including walking sticks adorned with silverware, parasols, less ostentatious umbrellas for man, garden umbrellas and rain hats. there’s even a rain hat that’s adorned with Swarovski crystals. i know you rich folks out there are going to dig these. the umbrellas price ranges from $280 and up. is money spilling out of your wallet/purse? then check out these exquisite pieces from Pasotti here.

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Pasotti Umbrellas image1 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image2 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image3 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image4 600x400px Pasotti Umbrellas image5 600x400px

via Born Rich

it’s official! Angry Birds are coming to iPad 2 cases too!

Gear4 Angry Birds iPad 2 cases 544x311px
(image credit: Gear4) Gear4 Angry Birds iPad 2 cases | £39.99 | www.gear4.com

this one is for staunch fans of the angrily cute birds or maybe just for fans of kawaii (Japanese for ‘cute’) stuff. Gear4 has just announced three cases for iPad 2 based on the (i don’t know why) hugely popular iPhone game, Angry Birds. i must say, from the pics, they are looking better than its iPhone/Touch cases counterpart. these polycarbonate cases features the Red Bird, Pig King vs. Red Bird and Family Shot. the cases are expected to cost £39.99 (about US$65) a pop, however, no words on its availability date as yet. Continue reading it’s official! Angry Birds are coming to iPad 2 cases too!

the world’s first 24-carat gold iPhone 4 bumper case

CrystalRoc 24-ct iPhone 4 Bumper 544x448px
(image credit: CrystalRoc) CrystalRoc 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper | £200.00 | www.crystalroc.com

if classy iPhone 4 adorned with real diamonds aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps this iPhone 4 bumper case dipped in 24-carat gold will appeal to you. ostentatious but i like! if gold is way too loud for you, Platinum and Silver are also available for your taking. prices for the 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper starts from £200 (about US$321) and are available by contacting CrystalRoc direct or pop by HARRODS if you happen to be in London. Continue reading the world’s first 24-carat gold iPhone 4 bumper case

the Host Lamp is a humidifier powered by a light bulb

The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 544x788px
(image credit: Minsung Bae) The Host Lamp is an excellent idea but it will be a shame if it’s using incandescent light bulb

we can’t live without lights, so we have lamps in our rooms. for those who felt the need to use a humidifier, why not combine the lighting and the humidifier into one? this was the concept behind this beautiful appliance, dubbed the Host Lamp, designed by Minsung Bae. the theory goes that heat generated by the light bulb could be harvested to power the humidifier via Thermo-Electric Modules or TGM. the TGM generates a voltage when there’s a temperature difference on each of its sides.

an aluminum heat sink is used to captured the heat generated by the light bulb, while TGM is being placed between this aluminum heat sink and the humidifier’s water container. the electrical energy produces through the TGM is then used to charged the battery that powers the humidifier. simple concept but what’s important is: will it really work? aesthetically speaking, the Host Lamp looks beautiful, except for the chimney-like humidifier vent, which we are not quite fond of. we are also concern about the brightness factor of the lamp and what kind of light bulb will be used. surely, we can’t be using incandescent light bulb, right?

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The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x868px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px

via Yanko Design

Olivetti OliPad 100: Italy’s first tablet goes on sales

Olivetti OliPad Android-powered Tablet 544x311px
(image credit: Olivetti) Olivetti OliPad 100 Touch Tablet | €399.00 | www.olivetti.com

Olivetti, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia SpA just added a tablet to its line of PC and communication products. dubbed the OliPad, this Android-based tablet is powered by NVidia Tegra 2 Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz and sports a 10-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixel. the OliPad is designed for everyday consumer and will also be at home with business or enterprise users. the tablet offers access to wide range of applications which are either pre-installed with the OliPad or downloadable from dedicated App Shop.

like the AlessiTab, OliPad built-in apps allow users to surf the web, carry out their social networking and access to multimedia which include listening to music, browse through photos and watch HD video content. also among the suite of built-in apps are web browser (of course), email, calendar, contact book and of course, an ebook reading application. what sets the OliPad apart from the slew of consumer-oriented tablets is its a business-ready tablet too. business entity can customize the OliPad to suit its specific requirements. OliPad offers access to a range of applications via the Applications Warehouse, which is a virtual store of configurable and customizable software apps designed by Olivetti targeted at businesses and government bodies.

Olivetti dealers will have access to the Application Warehouse, giving them the ability to build integrated solutions for their customers based on their customers specific requirements. on the hardware specifications end, the tablet is supported by 1 GB DDR memory and internal data storage is restricted to a modest 16 GB but expandable up to 64 GB via SD card. the trio of connectivity, namely, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G keeps user connected on the move. it also comes equipped with USB and HDMI ports to interface with other devices.

strangely there’s no indication of any integration with gyroscopes or accelerometers, which most tablets of today has. imaging is taken care by a modest 1.3 megapixel camera and audio is through 2 x 1W speakers. other features include built-in G-sensor, light sensor and microphone. the OliPad uses a internal Lithium Polymer battery (3650 mAh), though Olivetti did not give any estimates for the battery performance. the 10-inch tablet measures 267 x 173 x 13.9 mm and weighs in at 780 grams. the Olivetti OliPad 100 is on sale now for around €399 (about $550). check out Olivetti website for more details on where to buy.

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Olivetti OliPad Android-powered Tablet 800x600px Olivetti OliPad Android-powered Tablet 800x600px Olivetti OliPad Android-powered Tablet 800x600px Olivetti OliPad Android-powered Tablet - optional docking station 800x600px

R2-D2 with built-in projector is the coolest xbox 360 mod

R2D2 xbox 360 Mod by Major League Mod 544x408px
(image credit: Major League Mod)

personally, i’m not a huge fan of xbox 360 but this xbox 360 mod done by an instructables member ‘pizonbongo’ really had me go ‘wow’. this xbox 360 in R2D2 guise is definitely going to put a smile on both Star Wars fans and xbox 360 enthusiasts’ face. what makes the R2D2 xbox 360 even more wicked is the game interface can be directly projected to a wall via a built-in projector inside the R2D2, albeit not being a holographic projection (we are not there yet, but soon, i believe). the projector integration makes the whole mod appealing and gives it an extremely cool factor, don’t you think so? check out the intro video after the jump and also catch some images of the awesome xbox 360 R2D2 after the break. Continue reading R2-D2 with built-in projector is the coolest xbox 360 mod

this dining table is the world’s fastest furniture [video]

Perry Watkins Fast Food 544x450px
(image credit: Jonathan Worth/Perry Watkins)

from the guy who gives you the world’s smallest car (Wind-up) and the world’s lowest car (Flatmobile), comes the world’s fastest furniture: a dining table set up, aptly dubbed the ‘Fast Food‘. Perry Watkins is no strange in creating weird vehicle and this time round, his Fast Food has achieved the world record speed of 113.8 mph. at a glance, this dining table set up looks to be just another, well, dining table set up for six complete with champagne, potatoes, gravy and roast chicken to boot – all of which are fake items, of course. however, lurking underneath this tantalizing set-up is a 3.5-liter Rover V8 engine cannibalized from a Reliant Scimitar Sabre and a nitrous oxide (NOS) injection system that is good for a century sprint in just four seconds. Continue reading this dining table is the world’s fastest furniture

Gresso custom limited edition iPhone 4 for charming ladies

Gresso Black Diamonds iPhone 4 for Lady 544x388px
(image credit: Gresso) Gresso custom limited edition Black Diamonds iPhone 4 | US$tbc | gresso.com

there are hundreds of ways to make an already expensive iPhone 4 even more expensive. giving it an all out gold treatment is one way but that’s so yesterday. there is a more classy way, like adorning it with white and black diamonds over a classy 200-year-old African Blackwood. if the aforementioned statement tickles your senses, then the new Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady is the phone for you. however, if you are not a lady, i’m sure the classy diamonds and wood combo won’t make you any less manly.

in place of the fragile glass panel, this Gresso item has a wooden panel crafted out of a 200-year-old African Blackwood and encrusted with 6-carats black diamonds, 13-carats white diamonds, and topped with 18-carats pink gold and platinum precious metals. the edge is of platinum, adorned with black diamonds and the ‘home’ button is decorated with 2-carats black diamond framed inside a cluster of white diamonds and pink gold. beautiful isn’t? we love the diamonds and blackwood combo. it gives a sense of classiness without the being too ostentatious.

unfortunately, there are now words on how much the custom limited edition Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady will cost, however it is safe to assume that it would cost a bomb. but hey, it is totally gorgeous, ain’t it?

DODOcase announced DODOcase for the new iPad 2

DODOcase for iPad 2 544x368px
(image credit: DODOcase) DODOcase for iPad 2 | from US$59.95 | www.dodocase.com

we expect a flood in the coming weeks. not the real flood but a flood of iPad 2 cases to come onto the market. my bet is, many would be ‘researching’ for iPad 2 cases since last week iPad 2 announcement, even though iPad will only be available tomorrow. DODOcase, the maker of the original handcrafted iPad case, is quick to introduce DODOcase for iPad 2. Continue reading DODOcase announced DODOcase for the new iPad 2

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