leaked photo of Samsung Nexus Two – successor to Nexus One?

Samsung Nexus Two 544px
(photo source: gizmodo.com

is it real? the next Nexus Two to be made by Samsung? what? no more HTC? i have always liked HTC, but i don’t particularly dislike Samsung as well. but the photo posted by Gizmodo, has the Nexus Two looking good. the Nexus Two reportedly will have a front facing camera, thus video call could be well in the package. aside from the singular photo, nothing much is known about it’s innards. what could be in it? could it be running the Gingerbread i.e. the Android OS 2.3?

i found it strange with Google implementation plan for it’s OS. newer OS seems to be coming up faster then you can say ‘Google’. regardless, it looks like the release of the Gingerbread will be ‘real soon’ as noted by report by The Register. Google even have a Gingerbread Man outside their lawn. watch the video below. according to The Register “unnamed sources”, Nexus Two “will arrive on November 8”. well, it is already the 1st, we will find out soon enough… aren’t they going to call the successor ‘Google Nexus Two‘?

via Gizmodo & The Register


the color of sound: Yamaha MCR-140 Micro Component System

Yamaha MCR-140 Micro Component System 544px
(photo source: usa.yamaha.com) Yamaha MCR-140 | US$399.95 | www.yamaha.com

it’s hard not to integrate an iPod dock into any speaker system these days. there are probably more iPod roaming around then human beings… how’s that possible? ok, maybe i was exaggerating. the truth is there: iPod is everywhere. Continue reading the color of sound: Yamaha MCR-140 Micro Component System

world’s smallest USB 3.0 desktop & portable hard drives – LaCie Minimus and Rikiki

LaCie Minimus & Rikki USB3.0 drives 544px
LaCie Rikiki & Minimus USB 3.0 | from US$94.99 & US$129.99 | www.lacie.com

LaCie introduced a new version of the Rikiki portable hard drive with USB 3.0 interface. clad in tough aluminum casing, it has a minimalist feel to it. with the USB3.0 interface, it is capable of supporting up to 5Gb/s of transfer speed. Rikiki comes in at 500GB and 1TB capacity. no worry if you don’t have USB3.0 on your computer, it is backward compatible with USB2.0 too. Continue reading world’s smallest USB 3.0 desktop & portable hard drives – LaCie Minimus and Rikiki

headphones that works with iPhone & Blackberry, FREND’s The Classic

FREND The Classic
FREND The Classic | US$TBC | www.wearefrends.com

another cans coming soon to us. ain’t we’re lucky? a bunch guys decided to band together to create this brand called ‘FRENDS‘. that’s friends less the ‘i’. there is a line of personal audio products coming soon, ranging to headphones to clip earphones.

this particular model, dubbed The Classic is works with both iPhone and Blackberry, and features a multifunction mic (with play/pause, next, answer/hang-up)m, 2mm fabric cord (thank goodness), whip-stitched padded head band and ABS sleeved hardware.

on the audio hardware department, it has 40mm drivers with a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz. strangely, these cans are for use with smartphone which i find it rather odd. don’t we usually use earphones for that? if i wear this i might tempted to say ‘good evening passenger, this is your captain speaking…’ well, you know what i mean.

nevertheless, this looks like a pretty awesome set of cans and the best part: the fabric cord, yeah! finally, someone decided to relieve us of the tangles of cords of a typical headphones. woo-hoo!

FREND headphones colors 544px
The Classic will comes in 5 colors.

Brasso GadgetCare – ‘cosmetic’ for your gadgets

Brasso GadgetCare 544px
(screenshot: brasso.co.uk) Brasso GadgetCare | £5.99 | brasso.co.uk

anything we touches, we leave fingerprints, dirt and grimes on it. i think it’s about time someone come up with something to protect the gadgets we all love and easily smeared with the aforementioned. lucky for us, Brasso (remember them? the good old brass polisher? does Mr. Brasso rings any bell for you?) have a solution for all of the gadget lovers.

the new GadgetCare promise to “clean and shines any tarnished metal and plastic, removing smudges and fingerprints, leaving a highly polished finish.” the GadgetCare, when applied, leaves a invisible anti-static layer that repels particles from your gadgets. there’s also a protective silicone layer that prevent smears.

seriously, this is a good news to me. especially we are assured that it is safe to use on all kinds of gadgets. you have any idea how much dust my MacBook screen gathers?

look ma, Nohands!

Nohands 544px
(photo source: nohands.co.uk) Nohands | £11.50 | www.nohands.co.uk

how you like to relief your aching hands from the weight of your gadgets? be it iPod or mobile phones or whatever. sounds good? Nohands, an UK designed and made (sticky) item, uses an ingenious sticky substance that affix your gadgets to almost any type of surfaces without leaving any marks after you’re done with the sticking. if the sticky strength diminishes, no worries, just wash Nohands under the tap to “recharge” it’s stickiness. cool. Nohands retails @ £11.50 (approx. US$18.40).

stick it everywhere…




advance Konapun cooking toys by Bandai

Konapun Cooking Toys by Bandai 544px
(photo source: girls.channel.or.jp)
when i saw the videos for this toy, i simply go ‘wow’. the kanopun cooking toys from Bandai uses water and ‘magic’ powder to cook up some serious miniature delicacy. it’s not edible though and the product will perish after a certain period of time. it has a whole range of meals ranging from Japanese to Italian food.

making up the magic powder is mainly Alginic acid and seaweed’s constituent. each food powder contains different additives to create the color and viscosity required to imitate the designated dish. to get cooking, you will need some miniature cooking sets or kitchen set up which, without doubt, are available from Bandai too. wow, again.

visit Bandai website.

for more info visit Girls Channel website. (in Japanese only)

Android-F: realistic Female Humanoid showcased

Android-F 544px
(photo source: plasticpals.com)
i haven’t written on Android development since i have just started (this blog-zine) about a couple of months ago. so this is the first. when i said Android, it is really the Android, Android not some operating system from Google.

showcased here is Android-F (no name as yet for her, or should i say ‘it’), developed by Kokoro Co. Ltd and ATR. facial expressions and head movements are tracked and replicated by the android via computers & peripherals plus a mess of cabling. i supposed ‘F’ meant to say it’s a female version? Continue reading Android-F: realistic Female Humanoid showcased

World First Ferrari Theme Park opens to the media

Ferrari World Theme Park - Birds eye view
(photo source: ferrariworldabudhabi.com)
stretching 700 meters and occupying 176,000 square meters of interior space, the Ferrari World is the world biggest indoor theme park. it goes to show’s how the branding has extend beyond just cars and fashions. traditionally, theme parks are aimed at children, and the Ferrari theme park is definitely aimed in getting in the imagination of ‘future’ potential buyers. located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, we can easily see why. UAE… need i say more? Continue reading World First Ferrari Theme Park opens to the media

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