eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike

Mission Motors Mission R - front angled view 544px
a superbike is not uncommon but an electric superbike is something don’t see very often, not to mention one that’s built to race. with the electric cars becoming a reality for mass production, there’s no reason the same can’t be done for bikes, and in this instant, a superbike. Mission Motors‘s Mission R is an all new electric superbike that is built to race with a purpose-built frame. Continue reading “eco-friendly power: Mission R TTXGP Electric Superbike”

Thrustmaster announces Officially Licensed PS3 Steering Wheel

Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel and pedal set img1 544px
Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel and Pedal Set | US$599.99 |
(image credit: Thrustmaster)

seriously, a racing game isn’t complete without a good steering wheel/pedal set. though traditional game pad does the job adequately but it just lacks the realism in it. having said that, a steering wheel/pedal set is a must if you want to get the most out of the most advanced racing game, Grand Turismo 5. i am not posting this because just because this product is new in the market but rather, i am in the process of searching for a quality steering wheel for this game (i am a huge fan of GT franchise). i am a few percentage into the game and stopped because the stock dual shock just don’t justify the driving experience that i will get from GT5. Continue reading “Thrustmaster announces Officially Licensed PS3 Steering Wheel”

911 GT3 Cup racetrack set from Porsche Design

Porsche Design 911 GT3 Cup racetrack set 544px
Porsche Design 911 GT3 Cup racetrack set | £97.02 |
(image credit: Porsche Design)

i am sure this one will appeal to both kids and adults alike. though this is new from Porsche Design, it still gives me a sense of nostalgic. back when video game racing was virtually non-existence, this type of toy racetrack is the next best thing you can get to quench your need for speed. if one-make race is your kind of thing, the Porsche Design 911 GT3 Cup racetrack set could be the dream set you are looking for.

the set boost two exclusive 1:43 scale Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race cars and the track itself features two loops, and two crossover points. doing loops are something that you can’t do with real car. it’s like a roller coaster and car racing rolled into one. needless to say, the track can be customized to your liking and players can expect the thrill from overtaking and lane changing. it is said that up to three cars can be raced at the same time which is something i don’t quite comprehend. two lanes, three cars?

constructed of mainly plastic, the track measures approximately 8.3 meters. though X’mas is over, it’s never too late to get yourself something. besides, you don’t need X’mas as an excuse to buy.

Ken Block, Traxxas collaborated on RC version of Block’s #43 Ford Fiesta

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - action shot 544pxTRAXXAS Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta VXL | approx. US$300.00 |
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

it make sense for a rally car driver to team up with a (long time) radio controlled car maker, especially when the driver in question is no stranger to marketing. seriously, this could be a hit. we are talking about Ken Block’s collaboration with TRAXXAS to create a 1/16th scale Block’s #43 Ford Fiesta.

driving this miniaturized monster is the Velineon 380 brushless motor, transferring its power to all its four Gymkhana-Compound slicks. out of the box, this Officially Licensed Ford Fiesta body covered with Ken Block Monster Energy graphics is capable of 30 mph (48 km/h) but throw in an optional pinion gear, a speed connector and a dual batteries set-up, it could reach an incredible 50 mph (80 km/h). wow.

and it doesn’t stop there. this RC speed maniac comes with Officially Licensed Volk Racing Wheels in its green glory and comes ready-to-race with included TRAXXAS Power Cell NiMH battery and charger. i want one!

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - angled front view 544px
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - angled rear view 544px
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - side view 544px
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - front view 544px
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

TRAXXAS Ken Block #43 Fiesta - chassis and electronics 544px
(image credit: TRAXXAS)

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LEGO-style sockets let you expand your sockets as you desire

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img1 544px
being a gadget-geek, sockets are part of my life. i use the Belkin Concealed Surged-protectors to get the job done but there are two issues that always bugged me. firstly, the shape of plugs which sometime hinders other plugs from using the next socket. secondly, sometime i have more sockets than i actually requires which takes up unnecessary space. then again, what if i need more sockets but it ran out? it’s a chore and cost extra money to get another multi-outlet with more sockets in it.

looks like designers Cheng-Hsiu Du & Chyun-Chau Lin has a solution to solve the aforementioned issues that i have: a Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket. it is modular, meaning that additional socket modules can be added if more are needed, or removed if not required. keeping things neat and tidy. aside from being modular, the individual sockets are rotatable to different angle, allowing odd-sized or bulky plugs to fit in without being hindered by its neighboring plugs.

the sockets are between two stand bases which also ‘streamline’ all the cable going out from the multi-outlet sockets, thus managing your cables. this is best practical concept so far and it is one concept that i hope to see productions. maybe a concealed variant could be even more ideal. i hate to see those black plugs sticking out.

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img2 544px

Rotating 360DEG Multi-outlet Socket img3 544px

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CLAMCASE turns your iPad into a full-fledged netbook, sort of…

Clamcase img1 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE) CLAMCASE Keyboard Case | US$119.00 |

the CLAMCASE is by far the most impressive keyboard case for iPad to date. spotting a chiclet keyboard with 14 function keys, the CLAMCASE does make your iPad looks like a netbook. the unique torque hinge allows the keyboard to be flipped to the rear and props up the iPad for watching videos or turn it round to the front and it snaps close just like a netbook.

if you miss holding up your iPad, no problem, just fold the keyboard all the way back and use the iPad as a tablet. albeit, being a little bit more bulkier (it will add 771 grams to your iPad). the CLAMCASE boost a 90 hours continuous use and a 100 days standby time. charging of the CLAMCASE is via the mini-USB port with the supplied cable.

needless to say, the keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth connection and the internal battery means the keyboard case will not tax on your iPad juice. alas, now you can get the best of both world: a slate and a netbook in one device. not to mention the wonderful world of apps. awesome!

the CLAMCASE retails at $119.00 but shipping only starts in January 2011.

Clamcase img2 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE)

Clamcase img3 544px
(image credit: CLAMCASE)

new Mini Paceman concept to debut in Detroit Auto Show

Mini Paceman Concept img1 544px
(image credit: Mini)

i am surprised BMW managed to come with so many variants under the brand name ‘Mini’. when the Mini first reappeared in the automotive market, i thought it would be another one-model lineup (what lineup?) car. never mind my skepticism, it has proven that there can be many Mini variants and more to come. Continue reading “new Mini Paceman concept to debut in Detroit Auto Show”

future: the tires of this vehicle becomes a pair of motorcycles

Bobin Kil Light Weight Concept img3 544px
(image credit: Bobin Kil)

the future is getting exciting with concept like this. what looks like just another ordinary car of the future, has a pair of unicycle bikes in it. i can’t help but to refer to the 80s cartoon series M.A.S.K., where the vehicles in the animated series are dual-function, for example a motorbike readily converts into a helicopter. Continue reading “future: the tires of this vehicle becomes a pair of motorcycles”

Livestrong Fitness Special Edition LS28IC Indoor Training Cycle

Livestrong Fitness LS28IC 544px
(image credit: Livestrong Fitness) Limited Edition Livestrong LS28IC Indoor Training Cycle | US$1,699.00 |

we thought we should spread the word for this. this Limited Edition Livestrong LS28IC Indoor Training Cycle in exclusive yellow and black design is limited to 500 units. it will be on sale next month (January 2011) for $1,699, in which $1,000 of the sale will goes to Livestrong Foundation, a foundation founded by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Amrstrong.

there are some subtle meanings to some aspect of this training cycle, for example the the number ’28’ on the front represents the 28 million people living with cancer and the seven stars on the seat post represent Armstrong’s record-breaking seven Tour de France wins. it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and an autographed picture of lance Armstrong.

if you in the process of looking for a training cycle, why not do your bid to contribute to a more meaningful cause at the same time? besides, the training cycle does look cool. don’t you think so?

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love Photoshop? like these PS-inspired Salt & Pepper shakers

Photoshop Salt & Pepper Shakers img1 544px
(image credit: Frack Design)

die-hard fans of photoshop will love these. a set of salt and pepper shaker in the shape of the photoshop application icon. photoshop is my life and this certainly looks cool on your dinning table. next i shall cover my dinning table with a table cloth printed with a Mac desktop screenshot. or maybe not.

PS: i still don’t understand what dinning and photoshop has in common.

Photoshop Salt & Pepper Shakers img2 544px
(image credit: Frack Design)

Photoshop Salt & Pepper Shakers img3 544px
(image credit: Frack Design)

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