Yamaha THR Guitar Amp – it doesn’t even look like one!

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp
(image: Yamaha) Yamaha THR Guitar Amp | US$tba | www.yamaha.com

i once played guitar and looked up to great players like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and among the others. among that adoration, i learnt to love the look of the guitar amps – which I dare say – hasn’t change since Elvis took to the stage. being a new gen rock guitarist, you probably don’t appreciate the classic look, so the Yamaha THR Guitar Amp is here to offer you a more contemporary, yet retro kind of look. i bet you didn’t know it is a guitar amp until i have told you so. in anyway, it is refreshing not having your home look like a concert stage, doesn’t it? the THR features a pair of 8cm full range speakers, Yamaha’s VCM technology, USB connectivity, option to run off AC or battery, and offers several amp styles, including clean, crunch, lead, brit hi, and modern. Continue reading “Yamaha THR Guitar Amp – it doesn’t even look like one!”

Pleather Crocodile iPad Case – what? Pleather???

Polyurethane Crocodile Case
(image: ATC via Amazon) Polyurethane Crocodile Case for iPad 2 | US$27.12 | www.amazon.com

pleather in the headline here isn’t a typo. it is slang for synthetic leather, or more commonly known as PU leather aka polyurethane. anyway, if you love the idea of cladding your iPad 2 with the fearsome reptile’s skin but fear being jeer at by animal rightists, then the Polyurethane Crocodile Case for iPad 2 would be the case for you. on top of its alternative look, it works like the Apple’s Smart Cover: opening up the cover wakes your iPad 2 up, and put it back to sleep when you close the cover. same functionality with the added bonus of covering your precious tablet’s back. We shall not give credit to its look, as you know, crocodile’s skin ain’t everybody’s cup of tea but at least, everyone will know it is an iPad that’s tucked away under that fake crocodile skin – thanks to its generous-sized peep hole right on the back that let the Apple logo shine. Continue reading “Pleather Crocodile iPad Case – what? Pleather???”

Holga iPhone Lens. there’s a hardware for that too

Holga iPhone Lens
(image: Photojojo) Holga iPhone Lens | US$30.00 | photojojo.com

there is no lack of lo-fi photography effect app for iPhone but what’s the fun of it when you don’t have some lenses to fiddle with? that’s exactly what the Holga iPhone Lens is about. it is an iPhone case equipped with a rotating disk that has 9 different lenses, including dual image lens, color filters and holga hole, to satisfy your Holga addiction. the best part is, unlike film camera, you can frame your shot on the high resolution iPhone screen, preview your effect and fire away. as a bonus, while you are not out on your iPhonegraphy spree, the Holga iPhone Lens actually doubles as a pretty cool case – albeit adding a tiny amount of bulk to your iPhone. the Holga iPhone Lens cost $30 a pop and is available Photojojo web store. check out a few more look after the break. Continue reading “Holga iPhone Lens. there’s a hardware for that too”

Vanguard Biscotti Messenger Bike

Vanguard Biscotti Messenger Bike
(image: Shaun/Jacinta) Vanguard Biscotti Messenger Bike | US$PoR | www.vanguard-designs.com

looking cool and stylish should not stop when get on your two wheels pedal-power vehicle and in that sense, may we introduce you to this very cool designer bicycle conceived by Singapore-based bicycle boutique, Vanguard. dubbed as Vanguard Biscotti Messenger Bike, this handcrafted bike features a vintage NOS twin top-tubed Bridgestone frame from the the 70s, complement by a set of gorgeous beautiful girder fork and powered by your trusty legs via a coast brake that leaves the handle nice and clean. the largely shiny silver bicycle is accented by subtle touches of brown element such as a vintage Brooks bicycle saddle, Schwalbe fat tires and some leather (as found at the handle bar and the pedals), giving the messenger bike a sophisticated and balanced look. Continue reading “Vanguard Biscotti Messenger Bike”

Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph

Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph All Black
(image: Nixon) Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph Wrist Watch | US$650.00 | www.nixonnow.com

often we admire the beauty of luxury timepieces, knowing that we probably won’t be able to splurge on such luxury but lucky for us, there’s a ‘go between’ like the upcoming Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph Watch. brand name and stature aside, this watch lures our attentions away from who the maker is behind it. not surprisingly, Nixon takes its design cue from luxury brand name like Hublot and Audemars Piguet, and the result is what you see here: THE STEELCAT. the watch features a 5-hand SWISS Quartz chronograph movement, a custom 48mm stainless steel case, domed sapphire crystal, rubber bezel, screw down crown, silicone strap with molded stainless steel hardware, and water resistant up to 300-meter depth. Continue reading “Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph”

Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S [video]

Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S
(image: Griffin) Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S | US$29.99 | www.griffintechnology.com

there are just way too many iPhone cases out there and naturally, we find it a little hard pressed to feature them all. so we ended up filtering them and presenting the best to you folks. speaking of which, the Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S is one those iPhone case that makes the mark. each case consists of two parts: a backplate that’s die-cut from a genuine 7-inch vinyl record complete with a Third Man Records printed label and a molded polycarbonate frame with full access to all the hard buttons and ports. tell me, having a real vinyl slap on your iPhone’s back isn’t special. at least, it is to me. the Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S is available in three models: a yellow, black or white frame, together with the black vinyl record. Continue reading “Griffin x The Third Man 45 Case for iPhone 4/4S “

V-Luxe iPad Stand makes your iPad look like a retro TV

V-Luxe iPad Stand
(image: BKNY design) V-Luxe iPad Stand | US$tba | www.bknydesign.com

don’t know what to do with your aging first generation iPad? how about turning it into a TV that reminiscent of the tubes in the 50s? if that prospect sounds cool to you, then you should check out V-Luxe iPad Stand, a custom iPad stand handcrafted from a choice of three wood finishes: walnut, cherry, or African mahogany and makes your iPad look like part of retro TV set. it comes complete with a swivel-able and tilt-able frame for your iPad with access for your audio and power cables. underneath the ‘display’ is an extremely retro-looking speaker cabinet that can accommodate a couple of low-profile speakers, if you wish. Continue reading “V-Luxe iPad Stand makes your iPad look like a retro TV”

Easy Macro Cell Lens Band – lens on a rubber band

Easy Macro Cell Lens Band
(image: Photojojo) Easy Macro Cell Lens Band | US$15.00 | photojojo.com

we have seen how folks use rubber bands to create the world’s (ridiculously) largest rubber band balls and we have used them so often that we might have just took them for granted but who would have thought one day it would be part of our mobile phone accessory? the truth is, this seemingly unimportant stretchy band has now evolved into an Easy Macro Cell Lens Band that will turn any mobile phone into a macro shooter in an instant. the elastic band features a built-in macro lens for those all-important close-up shots. simply slip the band over your mobile or smartphone, align the macro lens to your device’s camera and you are all set. when you are done using it, simply slip it on your wrist or use it to hold your bulging wallet closed. Continue reading “Easy Macro Cell Lens Band – lens on a rubber band”

Bell & Ross PW1 Pocket Watch and WWI Wrist Watch

Bell & Ross PW1 Pocket Watch
(image: Bell & Ross) Bell & Ross Vintage PW1 Pocket Watch and WWI Wrist Watch | from US$tba | www.bellross.com

have you ever wondered why people of today are intrigued by instruments of the past? perhaps, it is their simplicity that captures our attention and with the sea of complex gadgets rolling into our lives, we tend to appreciate the sense of uncluttered minimalism in some of the things we use. if you belongs to the aforementioned category, then these World War I military-inspired pocket watch and wristwatch by Bell & Ross are a must have for you. first in line in this Bell & Ross Vintage series is the Vintage PW1 Pocket Watch that sports an anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal, a galvanic black, sunburst dial with large numerals and hands covered in a photo-luminescent coating. encased within this 49mm polish steel with “Barleycorn” guilloché case back is a manual-winding mechanical ETA 6497 movement. other features include complete hours, minutes, and small second hand for accurate time-telling, grooved crown that offers ease of use even when wearing gloves and water resistance up to 30 meters. Continue reading “Bell & Ross PW1 Pocket Watch and WWI Wrist Watch”

Ducati Collection by iSkin

Ducati Collection by iSkin
(image: iSkin) Ducati Collection by iSkin | from US$70.00 | www.iskin.com

if you own a slew of gadgets and demands consistency in each and every bag you use to tote them around, then iSkin and Ducati has line of premium bags that will surprise you. announced earlier this month is a host of “performance-inspired” carriers (aka bags), holders and sleeves for your laptops, tablets, cameras, and any conceivable mobile gadgets of today. the collection features bold design in an easily recognizable color scheme of red, black and/or white and are crafted from premium Italian nylon fabric. these bags (or carriers, if you prefer) offer protection to your gadgets while on the road, with an unmistakable stylishness. there are a total of eleven carriers, holders and sleeves that will suit iPad 2 (or tablets of similar size), netbooks, 13 to 15-inch laptops, cameras and other small mobile devices. Continue reading “Ducati Collection by iSkin”