TommyKaira ZZ reincarnates as an EV sports car

TommyKaira-GLM ZZ-EV main 544x468px
(image credit: Akihabara News) GLM TommyKaira ZZ-EV | ¥tbc |

when it comes to car tuning, TommyKaira is practically a legend in Japan. everyone who’s into Japanese Domestic Market cars or played the popular Gran Turismo game on PS3 would have know TommyKaira. partnering with Green Lord Motors, TommyKaira introduced their first ever EV prototype, the ZZ-EV Sport car. power for the ZZ-EV comes from a DC150V electric motor coupled with lithium-polymer batteries, giving it a 100-km range and a top speed of 150 km/h. Continue reading “TommyKaira ZZ reincarnates as an EV sports car”

missing the 80s? get this retro-licious iPhone case

thumbsUp 80s Retro iPhone Case 544x544px
(image credit: ThumbsUp!) 80s Retro iPhone Case | £PoA |

get a feel of a blast from the past while still retaining the wholesome goodness of the 21st century technology with this 80s Retro iPhone Case from ThumbsUp. the 80s mobile phone was affectionally known as the brick phone because its sheer size was comparable to a brick, so to speak. ever since, mobile phones have scaled down drastically but you can get those bricky days back with this cheeky iPhone case which is sure to turn heads. this is as close as you can get to a brick phone other the ARKHippo I case. Continue reading “missing the 80s? get this retro-licious iPhone case”

designer Tokidoki released six new iPhone 4 cases

tokidoki iphone 4 cases main 544x311px
(image credit: Tokidoki) Tokidoki iPhone 4 Cases | US$34.95 |

i have always like Tokidoki oriental style ever since i first came across it on the Computer Arts magazine many years ago. years later, Tokidoki has grew from strength to strength and has a full range of merchandise under its belt, including these newly released Tokidoki iPhone 4 snap cases. there are six designs in total including the iconic ‘Discoteca’ illustration and the ‘Monogram’ design. i would think it is a must have for Tokidoki-aficionados. the Tokidoki iPhone 4 snap case retails for $34.95 and is available via Tokidoki web store. Continue reading “designer Tokidoki released six new iPhone 4 cases”

The Giving Tree is a charging station for iPhones

The Giving Tree main 544x408px
(image credit: Kim Joonmin & Jeong-a Choi)

sculptured like a space tree, The Giving Tree spots three ‘branches’ with a cable in each ‘branch’ that can be pulled out to reach the phone to charge them, though we are not sure if the green cords are retractable. this charging station does look like something i would buy. very simple and neat. the concept photos shows the standard 30-pin Apple connectors – so it might not be for everyone but it is something i could use for two iPhones and iPad. sweet. build it!

images horizontal 544x38px 
The Giving Tree img1 600x500px The Giving Tree img2 600x450px

via Yanko Design

new iPhone 4 cases from A Bathing Ape x Gizmobies

BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 Cases for NIGOs Favorite Shop 544x311px
(image credit: BAPE) Bathing Ape x Gizmobies iPhone 4 Cases | ¥4,200.00 |

Gizmobies has teamed up with BAPE to release a series of iPhone 4 cases slapped with none other than BAPE signature prints. different designs will be available at different stores and reportedly “with the most vibrant being reserved for Nigo’s Favorite Shop, a Japanese members-only store.” hmmm, it simply means you are not going to have this case unless you are in Japan. aside from the members-only item, i could imagine BAPE fans hitting stores after stores just to hunt down the design that they fancy.

it is also a new area for Gizmobies as decals are what they are first known for. speaking of which, are we really talking about cases and not decals? the case is set to retail at ¥4,200 (about US$51) and fans can expect “the first few releases” to be available from February 11.

images horizontal 544x38px 
BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 Cases for BAPE Store 800x311px BAPExGizmobies iPhone 4 cases for NIGOs Favorite Shop 800x311px BAPExGizmobies iPhone 3/3GS & iPhone 4 cases 690x800px

via Hypebeast

Pagani Huayra powered by AMG twin turbo engine

Pagani Huayra main 544x368px
2011 Pagani Huayra | about €1million |

more has been unveiled on the Pagani Huayra which is to be built on an all-new monocoque carbon-titanium body and powered by Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0-liter twin turbo V12 engine mated to a transverse sequential seven-speed gearbox, pushing out 700 horses to its rear wheels. the engine is capable of 1000-Nm of torque and it is said to be able to reach an incredible 230 mph (370 km/h) top speed. Continue reading “Pagani Huayra powered by AMG twin turbo engine”

smart contact lens monitors wearer’s health & display info

Smart contact lenses illustration 544x311px
(image credit: CRAVE UK)

scientist Babk Parvix of the University of Washington has developed a smart contact lens that is capable of measuring the blood sugar levels of the wearer. the lens does this by its embedded electrodes that zap a small current through the tear fluid and a microelectronic chip will send the results to a wireless device in the wearer’s pocket. another amazing feat is that the device is able to send power wirelessly to the contact lens.

a prototype was developed back in 2009, but fast forward to 2011: a pair of red and blue LEDs has been developed for the lens and can be embedded into the lens to display color images. head-up display has neer this close – just imagine information right at your eye. this means, augmented reality right in your eyes could be very well be a possibility. that means we could be spotting Terminator vision in future, except that we can’t zoom in and out like the T-800 did.

apparently, having this miniaturized circuitry in the lenses mean that the circuits will be see in our eye, thus making us looking like Stepford Wives but i’m sure we will get use to it pretty quick. don’t we? we are more intrigued by the possibility of displaying information in the eye which could include navigational directions, displaying info on what you see et cetera. wow. we are totally lost for words. just hope when we won’t go ‘ouch’ when the lenses start zapping the tear fluid for information.


One Liter Limited faucet limits your water usage

1-Liter Limited Faucet main 544x580px
how to educate people to conserve water? you can spend hundreds of thousands to campaign for water conservation or install the One Liter Limited faucet. designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon Oh, the One Liter Limited faucet’s curvature form has an upper glass tube-like contraption that limits a person usage to the amount of water within it, which is of course, 1-liter.

if you have big hands and used up the 1-liter, you have to turn off the tap and wait for the glass tube to refill with water. indeed very troublesome but we will learn to adapt and our children will grow up with the notion that faucets only dispense 1-liter on each use. perhaps that’s how our future would be: having a faucet that would enforce a ‘everyday is a water rationing day’ lifestyle.

via Yanko Design

finally, white iPhone 4 shelf tag spotted at Best Buy!

Best Buy White iPhone 4 shelf tag 544x408px
(image credit: Engadget)

when iPhone 4 was announced i was full of excitement, and readied myself to grab the white iPhone 4 but unfortunately, Mr. white iPhone 4 was unable to turn up for my taking due to some apparent issues with the white paint job. that was like more than six months but my urge to get a white iPhone 4 has since subsided. not surprisingly, as the saying goes ‘time heals’.

nevertheless, for those who are still hoping to get your hands on the white version, the wait is nearing an end or at least, it seems to look that way. as reported by Engadget, a shelf tag was spotted at Best Buy indicating ‘AT&T iPhone 4 16GB WHIT’ retailing at $599.99. just how legit this photo-snap is, well, your guess is as good as mine. in fact, Best Buy is not the only one, Bell also has shelf tag indicating white iPhone 4’s availability.

good luck to the white iPhone 4 lovers, at least you can quit thinking about purchasing the white case to replace the black (and risk ruining your warranty).

via Slashgear & Engadget

white iPhone 4 shelf tag spotted at Best Buy!

top ten gadgets in movies that inspires and excites us

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movies often provides us insight to future gizmos and gadgets that has inspired scientists in the real world. this week, we take a look at the top ten gadgets in movies that truly inspires and excites us… Continue reading “top ten gadgets in movies that inspires and excites us”