iHome iW1 joins the rank of AirPlay-enabled sound dock

iHome iW1 AirPlay audio system 544x388px
(credit: iHome) iHome iW1 AirPlay wireless audio system | about US$300.00 | ihomeaudiointl.com

iHome joins the rank of AirPlay-enabled audio system with its iW1. ensuring a wire-free experience, it is packed with a rechargeable battery and utilizes Apple’s AirPlay technology to stream music wirelessly over WIFI (b/g only) from iTunes or your iOS devices. aesthetically, the system has a minimalist but yet, contemporary look that should blend in with any modern decor. strangely, despite its imminent launch, there aren’t much info to go around for now. we do however noted a few features, including Bongiovi Acoustics digital signal processing, adjustable bass and treble, backlit buttons, and music playback via both AirPlay streaming or USB docking. Continue reading “iHome iW1 joins the rank of AirPlay-enabled sound dock”

Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tab and Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note Smartphone 900x550px
(credit: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (US$tba) / Galaxy Note (from €549) | www.samsung.com

Samsung came wondering into the IFA in Berlin with a pair of announcements: the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the oddly-sized Galaxy Note. honestly, it took me awhile to reconcile with the fact that the latter is in fact a smartphone. first off is the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that has a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and features a super AMOLED display, HSPA+21 4G connectivity, a SD card slot, 1080p video playback and will be available in 8, 16, 32 or 64-GB model. the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is powered by Android 3.2 aka Honeycomb OS. so just exactly how pocketable is the Tab 7.7? it measures just 196 x 133 x 7.89-mm and weighs a mere 335 grams. no price and availability has been announced, though. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tab and Galaxy Note”

HTC Radar – HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 with Mango update

HTC Radar 544x468px
(credit: HTC) HTC Radar Smartphone | US$tba | www.htc.com

with the flood of Android handsets and endless talk about iPhone, i almost forgot about Windows Phone. anyway, that’s just a personal observation. regardless, smartphone giant HTC announced its first Windows Phone 7 with Mango update last week, slated to reach mobile operators and authorized retailers this October. the Radar features a 1 GHz processor, 8GB of storage space and touted to have 5.0-megapixels main camera that sports a F2.2 lens, LED flash and BSI sensor for low light photography. the camera also boast a hardware shutter button and capable of HD 720p video recording. Continue reading “HTC Radar – HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 with Mango update”

Bluelounge Milo – high-tech micro suction at work

Bluelounge Milo 900x600
(credit: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Milo | US$14.95 | www.bluelounge.com

despite the impending announcement of new generation of iPhone, manufacturers are not holding back in turning out more accessories for it but wait, this latest addition to Bluelounge list of iPhone accessories, dubbed Milo, can be used for more than just your small iDevices. it is a beautifully crafted stand that uses a high-tech Japanese micro-suction technology to directly grip on the phone at any given orientation and will adhere to any smooth hard surfaces – so basically, it can take just about any phone in the market, even with the aftermarket case on – as long the back is hard and smooth. Continue reading “Bluelounge Milo – high-tech micro suction at work”

Parrot AR.Freeflight now available for free on Android

Parrot now for Android 544x388px
(graphics: mikeShouts) Parrot AR.Freeflight for Android | US$free | www.parrot.com

good news for remote control toy-loving Android users. Parrot has rolled out the official AR.Freeflight app for Android smartphone and tablet users. guess i need not to refresh your memory but basically, it does what previously has been done on iOS devices but this time round users of Android devices running on Android 2.2 or higher can get to enjoy the remote control fun mixed with augmented reality flight. the application works best with multitouch screen and accelerometer, which is not lacking in today’s Android devices. of course, you will need to own an AR.Drone to begin with. Continue reading “Parrot AR.Freeflight now available for free on Android”

Navy Tripod Floor Lamp brings nautical touch to floor lamp

Navy Tripod Floor Lamp 544x388px
(image credit: Made.com) Navy Tripod Floor Lamp | £89.00 | www.made.com

there’s something about three-legs that has fascinate mankind since the beginning of time. three legged items can found from items ranging from camera tripods to photo frame stands to land surveying equipment. even Steven Spielberg’s screen adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (2005, Paramount Pictures), had alien machines with three legs. now you can continue that fascination with this nautical-inspired floor lamp from Made.com. the lamp with its lamp shade looks to be an ordinary flair but it is the seafaring tripod with chrome metal detailing that caught my eyes. the classy floor lamp features adjustable height from 80 to 150-centimeters (31 to 59-inches), inline on/off switch on the power cable, chrome metal hardware, and a light-diffusing lamp shade. Continue reading “Navy Tripod Floor Lamp brings nautical touch to floor lamp”

Sony Circle Sound SRS-BTV25 and RDP-V20iP Speakers

Sony Circle Sound Speaker SRS-BTV25 640x640px
(credit: Sony) Sony Circle Sound SRS-BTV25 and RDP-V20iP Speakers | US$tba | www.sony.com

we are accustomed to square or oblong shape speakers, so naturally, one that looks like a Death Star never fails to catch our attention. rolling in fresh from its announced at the ongoing IFA 2011 is this pair of spherical speakers from Sony, dubbed the Sony Circle Sound Speakers. thanks to its 360-degrees circle sound audio diffusion technology, these speakers offers omnidirectional sound, sending audio waves to all corners of a room. two models are offered: a wireless model (SRS-BTV25) that uses Bluetooth to stream to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or MP3 players and an iPhone/iPod dock model (RDP-V20iP). Continue reading “Sony Circle Sound SRS-BTV25 and RDP-V20iP Speakers”

Incase x Ace Hotel gadget and lifestyle accessories

Incase x Ace Hotel Collection Fall 2011 900x448px
(credit: Incase) Incase x Ace Hotel Collection | from US$39.95 | www.goincase.com

incase has been busy with many collaborations lately and the latest to join its list of collaborative products is the Incase x Ace Hotel Capsule Collection for Fall 2011. this five piece collection includes a Duffel Bag (US$$224.95), Shoulder Bag (US$174.95), 15-inch MacBook Pro Laptop Sleeve (US$79.95), Portfolio for iPad 2 (US$99.95) and last but not least, a Snap Case for iPhone 4 (US$39.95). drawing its inspiration from classic flight jackets, the bags and sleeves are constructed from durable Martexin Original Wax textiles which are designed to “age expressively.” Continue reading “Incase x Ace Hotel gadget and lifestyle accessories”

restored Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 instant camera

Polaroid SX-70 900x600px
(image credit: Photojojo) Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 | US$290.00 | photojojo.com

before the invention of digital camera, there were instant cameras that let us view our shots almost instantly and among the instant cameras, the Polaroid SX-70 is perhaps the most memorable. you know the SLR camera that folds flat when not in use, and pops up, ready to take instant photos? you retro shutterbugs will have a chance to renew your love for this classic, thanks to this lovingly restored Polaroid SX-70, presented in its original sleek form (sleek, even by today’s standard) and since it’s limited edition, it will come packed in a box adorned with illustration by Kate Bingman Burt. Continue reading “restored Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 instant camera”

BAE Systems Adaptiv – invisibility cloak for vehicles

BAE Adaptiv mounted on CV60 544x290px
we have been waiting for years for invisibility cloak to become a reality and that yearning has finally see some lights. Swedish defense equipment firm, BAE Systems has successfully tested its invisibility cloak technology known as Adaptiv that allows a vehicle to blend with its surrounding. of course, to make a vehicle disappear right before our eyes like James Bond’s Aston Martin is still not within human grasp but the least we could do is to evade those nasty infrared and other surveillance technology. the system is make up of lightweight hexagonal pixels that are juiced up by the vehicle’s system. each of this hand-size pixels are heated or cooled individually with semi-conducting technology that provides its invisibility capability. Continue reading “BAE Systems Adaptiv – invisibility cloak for vehicles”