HOON’s fashion arcade stick for fashion-chic gamers

HOON vs Neo Legend main 544x311p
(image credit: HOON) HOON vs Neo Legend Arcade Stick | US$tbc | www.hoon.fr

we never thought a gaming controller could be pimped out any further but the HOON arcade stick proves us wrong. born out of collaborations between French luxury fashion goods firm, HOON and video game specialist NEO LEGEND, this arcade stick controller is hand-made out of blue lacquered oak and wrapped in genuine ostrich leather with its controller hardware from Sanwa. Continue reading “HOON’s fashion arcade stick for fashion-chic gamers”

we have Lamborghini laptops, why not an External HDD?

ASUS Lamborghini External HDD main 544x311px
(image credit: ASUSTek Computer) ASUS Lamborghini External HDD | US$tbc | www.asus.com

brand collaborations usually remains in the mobile computer domain which we have accustomed to but how about moving on to the External HDD in the form of ASUS Lamborghini 2.5″ External HDD? aesthetically speaking, the Lamborghini External HDD embodies the trademark aerodynamic flow of Lamborghini cars combined with high capacity storage of between 500 GB to 750 GB and spotting the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface.

frankly, external HDD specs are similar between the myriad of brands and makes but what makes the Lamborghini External HDD stands out is its glossy enclosure which, by no accident, also spots the raging bull logo. packaged with the Lamborghini External HDD is an USB cable, protection bag and documentations, and it will be available in either black or white. however, there are no firm words on its pricing and its availability at time of of this posting.

images horizontal 544x38px 
ASUS Lamborghini External HDD - black 600x400px ASUS Lamborghini External HDD - white 600x400px ASUS Lamborghini External HDD - packaging 600x400px

fancy a robot to knot up your tie? Why Knot? does just that

Why Knot? tie-tying machine video screenshot 544x311px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

i hate tying ties as much as i hate clipping my nails. often, i wish somebody would invent something to tackle these simple yet frustrating chores. thank goodness for people like Seth Goldstein, who must have shared the same perspective as myself, designed and built a machine that solve this seemingly minute issue. the machine, aptly named ‘Why Knot?’, looks more complicated than it is to knot up a tie but it certainly works beautifully. hmmm, did i see a bicycle sprocket, chain and pedal there? very intriguing and applaudable project. Continue reading “fancy a robot to knot up your tie? Why Knot? does just that”

get rid of your waterskis, Jetlev to finally goes on sales

Jetlev Flyer main 544x360px
(image credit: Jetlev) Jetlev Flyer | US$99,500.00 | jetlev.com

move over waterskis, there’s a new water sports in town that lets you fly off the water. the world was introduced to Raymond Li’s water-powered Jetpack back in 2009, well, it is set to go on sale this March for a cool $99,500. Continue reading “get rid of your waterskis, Jetlev to finally goes on sales”

what’s a beetle, Darth Vader has in common with Volkswagen?

Volkswagen Commercial Spot #1 screenshot 544x306px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

there are no better ways to make your statement through commercial spots, especially when it will be featured in the most-watched sports mega event in the US. Volkswagen, for one, wouldn’t miss this chance and has two fun and humorous spots to show off this football season.

the first spot features a kid costumed up in Darth Vader, trying to exert his force on anything that moves and anything that doesn’t. unfortunately, he can’t even move a sandwich without Mum’s help (check out his resentment, it’s funny!) but then he discover he might not be all so ‘force-less’ when he ‘force’ start the all-new 2012 Passat, well, not really but it’s actually the remote start feature of the 2012 Passat that the Dad gladly used to give him some hope. coupled with the memorable Star Wars soundtrack which builds up the mood as little Vader goes around the house (yea, no Death Star here) trying to execute his force on the dog, the washing machine, among the many other objects, without success.

Volkswagen Commercial Spot #2 screenshot 544x292px

the second spot is my personal favorite. there’s no better way to introduce the 21st century new beetle than using a, say, the bug itself. spotting a double stripe racing down its back, the animated bug races through the insect kingdom, overtaking slower fellow bugs, drifting and sliding down along the route as it makes its way down the dirt track – all these actions complete with carefully-timed slow-motion takes, and an excellent adrenalin-pumping soundtrack to boot. check out the videos after the jump.

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Dunhill wallet only opens up with a touch of your fingerprint

Dunhill Biometric Wallet main 544x398px
(image credit: Dunhill) Dunhill Biometric Wallet | US$825.00 | www.dunhill.com

if you loathe people fishing through your wallet indiscriminately or simply don’t wish to let pickpockets have their day with your wallet, then Dunhill has a solution that’s tailored exactly for such situations. dubbed the Biometric Wallet, it is touted to be virtually indestructible and it will only opens up with the touch of your fingerprint.

the security feature doesn’t stop there, the wallet, if linked via Bluetooth to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, will sound an alarm if the mobile and the wallet are separated by more than 5-meters. a security feature that is certainly a necessity as you won’t want to be misplacing a $825 wallet.

Dunhill Biometric Wallet - interior 544x311px

aside from its racy exterior which is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber material, the interior of the wallet is of leather featuring credit card holders and stainless steel money clip. it’s a pricey wallet but it is, after all, a Dunhill and it don’t just keep your cash, but secures them too. that’s two security features for a price of one, sounds like a bargain to me.

Agility Saietta takes electric bike design to the next level

Agility Saietta main 544x384px
(image credit: Saietta) Agility Saietta Electric Bike | from £9,975.00 | saietta.com

the last time we posted about an electric bike, it looks pretty much like its gas-guzzling counterpart but the recently unveiled Agility Saietta from British firm Agility Global Ltd., is set to blow your mind away with its unconventional design which admittedly, isn’t for everyone. then again, if you going to make an electric bike why not take it a step further and looks the part of future? the Saietta is available in two versions, the S and the R model. the S and R models will differ in both range and of course, performance with the S having a modest 50 mile range and the R, a 100 mile range. the S will hit the century mark in 5 seconds while the R is a second quicker. Continue reading “Agility Saietta takes electric bike design to the next level”

when sound system meets coffee table, Acoustable is born

Acoustable main 544x360px
(image credit: Acoustable) Acoustable Coffee Table | US$PoA | www.acoustable.com

not so long ago, Mr. Sound System met and fell in love with Ms. Coffee Table which lead to their holy matrimony as initiated by Belgian designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer and soon after, Acoustable was born. on the surface, Acoustable looks just like another round coffee table but it is not. it is a coffee table and sound system rolled into one. this marriage between a coffee table and a sound system makes perfect sense as coffee table is most likely to be in the center of the living room, thus for the first time, music can be projected right from the center of a living space. unless, you choose to place some speakers in the middle of your living room, which frankly, would be rather awkward.

the gap between the table top and the base is not a magazine shelf but instead, hidden within is a Teac sound system comprising of a stereo amplifier with USB/iPod interface, woofer and speaker system. the Acoustable also comes with a NEXTGEN’s Infrared to RF remote extender allowing remote controlled operations of the sound system without the need for line of sight. the table itself is made out of polymer and mineral blend that combines the advantages of stone and plastic. from the exterior, there isn’t a single hint of technical elements, other than the media player and the remote control device, which can be both stow away in a built pocket.

the Acoustable measures 120-cm in diameter, 50-cm high and weighs 70-kg. now for the golden question: where can i get one of this awesome coffee table? well, there are no words on its pricing and availability but if you are dying to lay your hands on one then i guess contacting the people responsible for Acoustable will be best bet but in the meantime, do check out some images of the Acoustable after the jump.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Acoustable - action shot 600x400px Acoustable 600x400px Acoustable - action shot top view 600x400px Acoustable - top view 600x400px Acoustable Coffee Table 600x400px Acoustable - putting it together 900x600px

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Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case main 544x311px
(image credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case | €49.00 | www.hardgraft.com

not every one uses a wallet or purse (for ladies) but we still do need to carry some cash one way or another. however, there are times we just want to grab our phone, some cash or credit cards and hit the club and that’s where the Hard Graft‘s Pocket Phone Case comes in. it has a pocket that fits your phone between two layers of 3-mm thick asphalt or concrete grey wool and it also has a leather pocket that will hold two credits and some cash. ideal for those who prefer to ‘travel light’ especially on those chill out sessions. Continue reading “Pocket Phone Case store your phone and Credit Cards”

designer turns iProducts into a collage of Steve Jobs

Charis Tsevis Illustration main 544x568px
(image credit: Charis Tsevis)

while Steve Jobs is again away for medical reasons, designer Charis Tsevis has built an perfect illustration of this legendary CEO of the Cupertino company, fusing him with the many iProducts that Jobs was credited to have a hand in – ranging from the revolutionary iPod and iPhone to the less than successful eMac (remember how the market like to put an ‘e’ in front of every tech product? yeah, this was one of them – from Apple). Continue reading “designer turns iProducts into a collage of Steve Jobs”