Logitec Pro’s Master Series of Japan HDD released

Logitec Pro Master Series of Japan HDD 544pxLogitec Pro Master Series of Japan HDD | from ¥11,800 | www.pro.logitec.co.jp
(image credit: Logitec Pro)

first of all, Logitec is a Japanese company that design and manufacture peripheral-devices, not to be confused with the the Swiss peripheral-device manufacturer Logitech. anyway, Logitec (the Japanese company, without the ‘h’) has just released a new USB 2.0 external hard drive targeted at professionals. from the photos, the device looks pretty sleek and minimalist, something which LaCie would have designed. Continue reading “Logitec Pro’s Master Series of Japan HDD released”

9 meter square intelligent home controlled via Nokia N8 (video)

Intelligent Home Controlled by Nokia N8 544px
(screenshot from YouKu video)
this grouped of Chinese decided to take up a challenge: to convert a 9 meter square container into an intelligent home controllable by a mobile phone – in this case, its a Nokia N8. it took them three months to complete the project at a cost of RMB120,000 (approximately US$18,000). it was a great effort and showcased the potential of the Nokia N8.

though the whole project went on smoothly and everything seems to be in order, the reality still haunts us: what happen if your N8 or any other mobile that mastermind the intelligent home, conked out? wouldn’t that be a huge disaster? if this intelligent home were to become a reality, i am certain some form of fail-safe will be in place to prevent such failure. yes? no?

via M.I.C Gadget

EYENIMAL lets your pet be your videographer

Eyenimal Video Camera 544px
EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera | €99.10 | www.eyenimal.com

these days pets get everything to lead a chill, and comfortable life – now there is even a dedicated video camera for your pet. not that they will know how to operate the video camera but this camera, dubbed EYENIMAL, is small enough to be clipped on your pet’s existing collar and when activated (by you, of course), it records where they have been as seen from their level.

this miniature video camera features an autofocus CMOS sensor with automatic light adjustment, built-in microphone and is able to capture image of 640 x 480 resolution at 29 frames per second. the EYENIMAL comes with built-in 8GB of Flash Memory, and a 500mA Li-Ion battery which is good for two and had hours of continuous recording. an included USB cable lets you transfer the recorded footage to your PC or Mac, and charges the video camera.

the EYENIMAL is designed to be used in wet or humid conditions so you can sure that the video camera works whereever your pet goes. now you would know where you pet went, especially cats, when you are not around. luckily, your pet won’t be able to sue you for intrusion of its privacy.

Gear4 rolls out Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 544px
(image credit: Gear4) Gear4 Angry Birds case | US$24.99 | us.gear4.com

calling out all Angry Birds fans. not sure if you’re a fan? here’s an indicative tell-tale sign: if you are crazy enough to get the Angry Birds costume for Halloween, then you’re a fan. nah… in any case, Gear4 rolls out the Angry Birds themed cases for both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th Gen).

there are three designs for you to chose from, namely, the red bird, yellow bird and pig king. perhaps, Gear4 figured that the Angry Birds fan base is huge enough to justify for its own ‘brand’ of cover, and even if there wasn’t, these cute looking, brightly hued cases might even attract general non-fans.

the cases, made out of hard plastic, are touted to be “super slim design” and snaps on to your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and as usual, you will have access to all the iPhone’s (and iPod Touch) ports and buttons. strange that an angry bird can be so adorable. angrily cute or cute anger?

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPod Touch 544px
(image credit: Gear4)

lock down your iPad physically with MacLocks

MacLocks iPad Security Lock & Cover 544pxMacLocks iPad Lock & Security Case Bundle | US$64.95 | www.maclocks.com
(image credit: Mac Locks)

being portable, the iPad is subjected to prying eyes waiting for you to turn your attention away from the iPad for a second and unlike most laptops, iPad does not have Kensington lock built-in to secure it. then again, its far too thin to incorporate one (the Kensington lock) anyway. MacLocks is a specialist in locking up Apple products, so not surprisingly that they have one for iPad as well. Continue reading “lock down your iPad physically with MacLocks”

concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Grassy Lawn Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Grassy Lawn Charging Station | US$24.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

it can be mess trying to charge all your gadgets all at the same time and the wires snaking around isn’t going to be a pleasant sight. solution? you can either choose to go wireless charging (albeit, pricier but more ‘high-tech’) or you can get yourself the Grassy Lawn Charging Station. Continue reading “concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station”

Marc DeVidts D.I.Y. working Star Trek style door opens with a ‘swoosh’

Marc DeVidts Star Trek style doors for home 544px
(screenshot from YouTube video)

how many people can claim to have a Star Trek-style door in their home? while automatic glass sliding doors are common in malls, you don’t get to see a manually activated sliding in common household very often, not to mention one that’s air-actuated and comes complete with the ‘swoosh’ sound.

well, this was what electrical engineer, Marc DeVidts, did. he built an air-powered sliding door in his own home which opens with a press of a button and automatically closes after about 5 seconds (yes, we timed it!). we reckoned that would be ample time for a couple of people to enter. i guess if you have more people, then you’d be ready to go in batches or make a run for it. a sensor will be a nice touch to determine if there are people still getting in and out.

there’s a key (just under the open button) to hold the door close or open, an air vent to vent the air out after the door closes and a concealed control panel to disable the door and shut off the air supply. we were not that excited about the sliding door initially, until we heard the ‘swoosh’ sound when it opens. simply awesome. may we suggest some upgrades, such as silver colored door without any pattern or relief, and a matching door frame? perhaps, a trapezoid shape door?


a wrist watch that does without a watch face

Yiran Qian Eye of the Storm 544px
(image credit: Yiran Qian)

we have seen lots of unconventional way of telling time from a time piece, such as the TokyoFlash wristwatches. but one without a watch face? well, this is exactly what the Eye of The Storm is – a watch that does not have a face. designed by German-based product designer, Yiran Qian, the watch appears to be like a bracelet until its wearer presses a button at the side of the watch and two indicators appear along the inner edge (where the watch face supposed to be) and tells you the time. Continue reading “a wrist watch that does without a watch face”

Kinect-rigged quadcopter flies autonomously and avoids obstacle

Kinect-rigged PELICAN UAV 544px
(screenshot from YouTube video)

it seems like Kinect has more potential than just for gaming, which i supposed Microsoft should be proud of. this particular quadcopter, dubbed the Pelican UAV, is rigged with the Kinect, which serves as its ‘eyes’ by sending visual data to a Linux box onboard. this flying machine is thus capable of flying autonomously following the predefined waypoints, maintaining its own altitude and avoiding obstacles along the way.

this Kinect-rigged quadcopter is part of the STARMAC project of UC Berkeley’s Hybrid Systems Laboratory which is a multi vehicle testbed used to demonstrate new concepts in multi-agent control on real-world platform. this is really awesome and besides, using Kinect on this flying machine sure beat the hell out of trying to look silly in front of your TV.

next generation Google Maps for Mobile to have 3D landscapes

Google Maps for Mobile 5 screenshot 544px
(image credit: Google)

just when we thought Goggle street view is the best Google Maps could offer, it awe us once more with the soon-to-be available Google Maps for Mobile that offer 3D building data for over 100 cities. this fifth iteration of the Google Maps will feature vector graphics for 3D maps and because its vector-based it could means reduce storage space and faster load time. well, 3D in this case doesn’t mean those 3D images or videos that we are now accustomed to now, but rather just 3-dimensional images that we can rotate, tilt, panned, zoom et cetera.

sounds pretty cool. but, in terms of navigation with a map, i think 2D is still the way to go. it just feel awkward to have your route blocked by the Empire State Building and all other buildings along the route – even though the buildings are translucent. why not just see from the top which couldn’t be more straight forward. unless it has the fly-by capability where the user will ‘fly’ through the predetermined route on the 3D map to your destination, then subsequently move on to 2D i.e. birds eye view for you to proceed with the planned journey. then again, that’s just being fancy. i guess 2D is sufficient at this point.