Dunhill Solar Charger – solar charging goes the luxury route

Dunhill Solar Charger 544x508px
(image credit: Dunhill) Dunhill Solar Charger | US$tba | www.dunhill.com

right after the biometric wallets, we didn’t we would see anymore gadget-related products from Dunhill but we are so very wrong. so here it is, a Solar Charger from Dunhill that’s clad in a lightweight aerospace grade aluminum and stored in its equally classy Chassis leather carry case when not in use. the solar panel swivels out to grab its necessary energy or if light source is lacking, it can be recharged via a computer’s USB. when fully charged, it will provide up to 30-hours of charge time for your mobile phone or MP3 player. function wise, it may sounds rather ordinary but the design is certainly looking pretty sleek. though no indicative price for it, it is safe to assume that this gadget will be anything but cheap. Continue reading “Dunhill Solar Charger – solar charging goes the luxury route”

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – paper plane goes electric

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit 544x338px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit | US$19.90 | www.thinkgeek.com

somewhere out there, there are folks who are dead serious about paper airplanes. the problem is, an old school paper plane is never going to give you sustained flight long enough for you to appreciate its flight, at least not until now. meet the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, a carbon-fiber body construction propeller kit that will bless your regular paper airplane with approximately a minute and half of electric flight on just a quick 20-seconds charge via a triple AAA battery powered charger. need we say more? Continue reading “Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – paper plane goes electric”

Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox – travel cases speaker system

Artpentry Gentleman's Boombox 544x428px
(image credit: Artpentry) Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox | from US$300 | artpentry.com

on our quest for uniquely cool stuff, we came across what could be described as the coolest boombox on planet earth. meet the uber-cool Gentleman’s Boomboxes. these are speaker systems built from repurposed, used pieces of travel cases sourced from around Chicago area. the brainchild behind is unexpectedly cool idea is Chicago-based artist Floyd A. Davis IV. the fact that these boomboxes are born out of travel cases means that there are a huge variations, ranging from small train cases to the large steamer trunks, to suit different taste and style. each boombox comes with a built-in subwoofer and audio connector that will fit any audio device with headphone jack. Continue reading “Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox – travel cases speaker system”

Dokkiri Hand Case gives a new meaning to lend a hand

Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4 544x311px
(image credit: Strapya) Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4 | ¥5,000.00 | www.strapya-world.com

the next time when someone comes around and ask to lend a hand, he’s probably asking if he can borrow your iPhone. i am referring to this creepy case from Dokkiri, the same folks who brought to you the Japanese Beetle case. i have no idea why would someone want to produce a case with such a life-like rubber hand stuck to its back. perhaps, it is for some shock-factor? or there are those who feel the need to hold someone’s hand when making a call? regardless, it looks pretty awkward to hold. anyway, despite its creepiness, this might just be another mobile conversational piece. thankfully, Dokkiri decided not throw in some fake blood at the wrist cut off area. Continue reading “Dokkiri Hand Case gives a new meaning to lend a hand”

Zippo Lighter Gun – lighting up could never be more dangerous

Zippo Lighter Gun 544x408px
(credit: Gregg Martin Auctions)

camera disguised as a lighter isn’t new but a Zippo Lighter with a 6-mm pistol hidden within is something totally new. well, not really the newest new but in fact the said Zippo Lighter Gun was auctioned off back in 2006 for a cool $6,810. dubbed simply as “4mm”, this Zippo-branded lighter has barrel in place of the wick and instead of striking to light up, the flint striking wheel is the trigger. it came together with faux Ronson flint dispenser that contains eight individual copper-based 6-mm bullets. now, that just put a whole new meaning to the danger of lighting up. doesn’t it? a few more look of this awesome firearm after the break. Continue reading “Zippo Lighter Gun – lighting up could never be more dangerous”

Video: Darth Vader goes to Disneyland for Star Tours promo

Star Tours 3D promo video 544x288px
(image credit: screenshot from Star Tours: Darth Vader goes to Disneyland video)

this one for is all Star Wars fans. the Dark Sith descends on to Disneyland to check out the newly opened Star Tours but it turns out that Star Tours isn’t ready, so what do Vader do? well, since he and his two stormtroopers are already there, they might as well check out the park. you know the drill, take a spin in the saucer cup and carousel, grab some popcorns et cetera, hoping when by the time they are done, the Star Tours will be ready for them… check out the light hearted moments of the Sith Lord in the video after the break. Star Wars fans won’t want to miss it. trust me. Continue reading “Video: Darth Vader goes to Disneyland for Star Tours promo”

Motorola XT531 Smartphone. its Android 2.3 and its budget

Motorola XT531 Smartphone 544x588px
(credit: Motorola Mobility) Motorola XT531 Smartphone | US$tba | www.motorola.com

Motorola has just announced its newest addition to its growing list of Android handset. dubbed the Motorola XT531 Smartphone, it is touted to be a budget-friendly Android smartphone that runs on Android latest 2.3 Operating System (aka Gingerbread) but just exactly how ‘budget’ it is remains to be seen. China will be the first country to received this handset this month, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and selected countries in Europe and Latin America starting this Fall. Continue reading “Motorola XT531 Smartphone. its Android 2.3 and its budget”

Magnetic Switch Cover for $24.95 or make yourself one

Magnetic Light Switch covers 544x370px
(credit: Jake Frey) Magnetic Switch Cover | US$24.95 | shop.thefancy.com

there is nothing magical here. the Magnetic Switch Cover is your regular switch cover plate (US) integrated with a high power magnet underneath. so what good does it do? well, it will hold your keys when you step into the room and (the keys) be ready for you when you are heading out – unless your keys and key ring are made out of plastics. as Glenn Santos has noted, this probably is just a “semi-gadget” (or half gadget, if you like) but if it were to incorporate with a subtle glow night light or sort, then it would probably justify the hassle involves in changing switch cover. Continue reading “Magnetic Switch Cover for $24.95 or make yourself one”

Canon X Mark I Mouse – mouse, calculator and keypad in one

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim 544x360px
(credit: Canon) Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim | US$59.90 | usa.canon.com

honestly, a calculator is the last thing we expect to be integrated into a mouse but that’s exactly what the Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim is. it is, in fact, a three-in-one device that serves as a wireless 1,200 dpi laser mouse, a 10-digit calculator, as well as a keypad. i’d say it might just be the perfect peripheral for any road warriors who aims to reduce their on-the-road clutter. if you often lug around a mouse, a calculator and an additional keyboard while on the road, the X Mark I Mouse just did you a flavor by cutting lose two peripherals for your next trip. Continue reading “Canon X Mark I Mouse – mouse, calculator and keypad in one”

RIM introduces five new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones 544x328px
(credit: RIM) freshly announced BlackBerry 7 Smartphones (from L-R) Torch 9810, Bold 9900/9930, and Torch 9850/9860

yes, RIM is very much alive and undaunted by their recent set back, they have announced plans to launch not one but five new BlackBerry smartphones powered by its BlackBerry 7 OS. the five smartphones include the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, and the new Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860 smartphones. the Bold duo are the thinnest smartphones from RIM to date and is designed in the tradition of the BlackBerry Bold with the integration of a 2.8-inch multi-touch display. the Torch handsets, on the other hand, features large touchscreen display of 3.2-inch and 3.7-inch for the 9810 and 9850/9860, respectively. additionally, Torch 9810 features a slide out keyboard for faster typing. Continue reading “RIM introduces five new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones”