Uber-cool crystallized Galaxy Tab for those who has deep pockets

Crystal Galaxy Tab 544px
(image credit: Micro Anvika) WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck | £2,669 | www.microanvika.com

Android-based tablets may not have the myriad of cases to choose from like the iOS devices. but if you have one chance to pimp up your Galaxy Tab, how about getting a £2,669 Galaxy Tab covered with 5,700 Swarovski crystals and top up with a logo done in Jet Hematite? in that way, you get your a Tab and not needing any case to go with it. it will be a shame to hide those bling, isn’t it? Continue reading “Uber-cool crystallized Galaxy Tab for those who has deep pockets”

self-powered house can even charged up two electric cars

ILEK Plus-Engery House img1 544px
(image credit: ILEK)

the concept of solar powered house isn’t new, but it never quite took off due to the immense cost for solar panelings, and the little returns in term of usable electrical power. not to mention the bulk and ugliness the panels will bring to the house. however, this scenario is set to change with the concept house designed by Institute of Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK). the concept house, dubbed the Plus-Energy house, is cladded in a shell of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems which generates both electricity and hot water.

special considerations were given in making it energy efficient which includes clever interior layout to maximize the use of natural lighting and also use of selective materials to improve insulation. all which could contribute to reduce in energy consumption. the Plus-Energy house is said to be able to generate enough electrical power for its own consumption, charges up to two electric cars at the same time and have energy to spare, enabling it to contribute to the grid. this would make the would-be dwellers of this eco-friendly house, a true-blue tree-hugger.

i am a believer of solar energy, and any other form of renewable energy. partly, because it will do some good to the environment, and also it really means cost saving to me. ok, i am practical person. but the prospect of not having to pay the grid for electrical power really excites me. so i say, this Plus-Energy House is wicked cool.

ILEK Plus-Engery House img2 544px
(image credit: ILEK)


when it floods, you will always have the Boat Sofa

Bongyoel Yang Boat Sofa img1 544px
(image credit: Bongyoel Yang)

with movies like 2012 (Columbia Pictures, 2009) depicting the impending effect of global warming which would result in rising sea level all over the world, it’s best to equip with some form of water craft in the house to aid your survival. you can’t possibly park a yacht in your house. besides, even if you can, the yacht will serve no purpose in no flood situation. unless you have the habit of boating at your local lakes. Continue reading “when it floods, you will always have the Boat Sofa”

now even bicycle can charge your gadgets, just like in a car

I-Green Bicycle Charging System img1 544px
(image credit: Fandi Meng)

if you are a cyclist, have you wish you could charge up your gadgets while cycling? well, if the i-Green Bicycle Charging System realizes, then that wish might have came true. designed by Fandi Meng, i-Green is kind of a dynamo for bicycle that translates the bicycle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy which can be used to charge almost any portable devices. Continue reading “now even bicycle can charge your gadgets, just like in a car”

the Oatmeal guy teaches you to stop misspelling

The Oatmeal screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike taken from theoatmeal.com)

this is the first time i am posting about a website and it’s not even tech or gadget-related. nevertheless, the Oatmeal is a well designed, purposeful website and it has comics to tickle your funny bone, quizzes to challenge your knowledge and a shop that sell some shirts, posters and mugs to supplement its existence.

there was one particular comic that caught my attention, entitled “Ten Words you need to stop Misspelling“, which is pretty cool. even though we are educated in English, we do make mistakes so the Oatmeal teaches us not to misspell those common words in a fun, comical way. if that’s not enough, you can even get a poster of this comic and stick to your wall to remind you not to misspell these ten words again.

i love to draw, and i appreciate every bit of the comic that the one guy put up over at his website. really cool. love the generous grey shades used on the website with some dashes of red. sweet. sweet. awesome.

Skateboard deck that’s so beautiful that you won’t want to use it

WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck img1 544px
(image credit: WeFunk) WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck | US$860.00 | www.wefunk.de

the limited WeFunk Roadmaster series skateboard deck which looks suspiciously like a surfboard, is hand-built by industrial design and F1 composite technician Alex Luxat. accordingly to WeFunk, the roadster series skateboard deck embodies technologies and materials used in a Formula One race car. Continue reading “Skateboard deck that’s so beautiful that you won’t want to use it”

a chance to influence the outcome of the movie you’re watching

Hyper-Narrative Interactive Movie 544px
(image credit: Tel Aviv University)

influencing the outcome of a story is not new. it has been done for viral marketing campaign video on YouTube and it was implemented in games. but to influence the outcome of a movie? that’s something new. this exactly what this system from Israel’s Tel Aviv University does – let viewers to influence the movie’s plot when viewing it.

the concept is simple. while watching the interactive movie, viewer will make ‘decision’ on behalf of the character in the movie at certain crucial moments. these crucial moments will appear on screen as an ‘action item’. one example is leading the character to choose a path – head into the forest or continue on an open road? each decision will influence what is going to happen next. if no decision is taken, the movie will proceed on a predetermined course.

the film length will also varies depending on the viewer input and it will also allows viewer to backtrack to the crucial points and make a different decision, just to see what happens if alternative action was taken.

by now, you might have notice this system will only work with touchscreen TV and portable devices like the iPad. sounds interesting enough, but sometime viewers just want to seat back, enjoy the movie and do nothing else. it will be quite a hassle to be constantly making decision. on the production aspects, it would most certainly increase the cost since now double takes are required for each decision juncture.

at the end of the day, watching this type of movie is more akin to a role playing game. it kind of blur the line between gaming and movie. when viewed by a group, there is the issue of who’s going to make the decision? would it be collectively decision or a single person’s decision? or would we end up spending more time arguing about what decision to take when watching the interactive movie? it will be interesting to see the outcome if this becomes a reality.

by the way, they actually made a movie, dubbed Turbulence, based on this new interactive technology for movie. it was screened in September at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival held in Berkeley, California and the film was awarded the Grand Festival Experimental Feature Award. well, call me lazy or traditionalist. i just want to seat back, relax and watch the movie.


Husqvarna announced the World Championship Meo TE250 Replica

Husqvarna Motorcycles Meo TE250 Replica img1 544pxAntoine Meo 2010 TE250 Replica | approx. US$13,000 | www.husqvarna-motorcycles.co.uk
(image credit: Husqvarna Motorcycles)

motocross fans will be please to know that a replica championship bike won’t cost you an arm or a leg. seriously, where can find something that said ‘replica’ and be affordable at the same time? not to mention a millimeter perfect replica that can claim to be affordable. Continue reading “Husqvarna announced the World Championship Meo TE250 Replica”

Bluetooth wireless streaming with the new LG Sound Bar

LG LSB316 Sound Bar 544px
(image credit: LG) LG LSB316 Sound Bar | US$tbc | www.lg.com

the growing trend of smaller apartments and the need to make things “a little simpler” has spur the development of more compact sound system. one of those ‘spurs’ are sound bars. which promises to deliver excellent sound, less the cumbersome speakers. Yamaha and Sonic Gear has done it. and now LG is set join in the sound bar flock with the LSB316. Continue reading “Bluetooth wireless streaming with the new LG Sound Bar”

PS3-powered supercomputer used by US Air Force

USAF PS3 544px
(image credit: Air Force Research Laboratory)

well, the US Air Force didn’t actually use the Playstation 3 console as a whole, much less to play games. in fact, what the US Air Force did was using more than 1,700 Sony PS3 processors. the supercomputer which also incorporates 168 separate graphical processing units, is capable of crunching 500 trillions calculations per second. that’s like 50, 000 times faster than your average laptop.

by using off-the-shelf components, it reduces the cost of the supercomputer. according to Mark Barnell (director of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s high-power computing division), the system cost somewhere around US$2 million, “which is a cost savings of between 10 to 20 times for the equivalent capability.” at least tax payers know that the Department of Defense is ‘trying not to spend too much’ which should be good for PR, though not everyone will be amused.

the system, dubbed the Condor Cluster will undertake a range of tasks which include synthetic aperture radar enhancement and a bunch of other stuff which, we commoners, would never understand. maybe that’s why we always lament how our money was being spend frivolously for defense.