serving up the music without busting your wallet: Olive O3HD Music Server

Olive O3HD Music Server 544px

Olive O3HD Music Server | US$999 |

when Olive O4HD was introduced last year, it was a range topping music server that was beyond the reach of many. now Olive introduces the O3HD, basically its an entry level music server for audiophiles who don’t have such a deep pocket to dig in. folks who are less technically incline will be glad to know that O3HD is a ‘plug and play’ music server. no complicated configurations. if you know how to hook up a standard CD player, you will know how to hook up this machine.

operations of the O3HD is via a 4.3-inch wide-aspect ratio touchscreen which we should be all-so familiar, thanks to Apple. the O3HD features a 500GB hard drive which should be good for 1,500 CDs or 5,000 HD Tracks. the hard drive incorporates a 4-layer noise-canceling padding and the whole system is fan-less, thus giving a virtually noiseless operation.

input department comes in a form of TEAC CDRW which imports and plays music CDs and also burn music, MP3 and data CDs. the O3HD features 24-bit/192Khz High Resolution Cirrus Logic Digital-to-Analog-Converter (DAC) that handles up-sampling so audiophiles can experience higher quality music than the original CDs.

with the O3HD, there is only one audio out – which is the RCA connector. there is no video out or any digital audio outputs. however, it has a USB 1.1/2.0 port and gigabit Ethernet connectivity. connecting to the Internet via the gigabit Ethernet port, allows you to access a myriad of Internet Radio stations carefully compiled by Olive. the O3HD also support simultaneous streaming to multiple rooms. supported audio formats include WAV, FLAC, MP3 and AAC.

design and concept wise, the Olive O3HD is definitely up on the chart of cool-factor but browsing through the thousands of music via a tiny touchscreen can be rather tedious. just think about searching for an artist without keyboards.

Olive O3HD - Front 544px
Olive O3HD - 4.3-inch touchscreen and the slot-in TEAC CDRW drive
Olive O3HD - Back 544px
Olive O3HD - power switch, power connector, RCA connector, USB port and Gigabit Ethernet port
Olive O3HD - Top 544px
Olive O3HD - view from the top. those wordings are a nice touch but might not appeal to all.

a trip to BMW World Singapore (Photos)

BMW World Singapore 544px
BMW World Singapore (Nov 9th – 14th) opens its door today at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. the BMW World Singapore is the Asia’s largest showcase of BMW innovation, design and heritage. we were there too, just to have a first hand glimpse of the BMW GINA Light Visionary, a concept that is completely clad in a flexible fabric skin which can change its shape with a touch of a button. also on showcase was BWM iconic (heritage) trio, namely the BMW 507, the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z8. Continue reading “a trip to BMW World Singapore (Photos)”

luxurious sound for your ears: Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones 544px
(photo credit: Bowers & Wilkins P5 | US$299.99 |

instead of going all plasticky with a pair of cans, this pair from Bowers & Wilkins are made of New Zealand sheep’s leather and metal. that means they are sheep’s skin going into the making of this pair of cans. animal rights won’t be quite please to hear this though. that aside, the B&W P5 certainly look stunningly beautiful.

the P5 was designed by team led by Morten Warren, the man behind the beautiful Zeppelin sound dock. the P5 is supplied with two cables, one of which is the MFI cable. the MFI cable provides extra functionality such as track changing and volume control for users of Apple IPod and iPhone. the MFI cable also enable answering of calls when used with iPhones.

if only every part of life sounds this beautiful…

sweet audition: Pioneer XW-NAS5 dock for iPod/iPhone

Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock 544px
(photo credit: Pioneer XW-NAS5 Dock | S$699.00 |

Pioneer has several docks for iPod and iPhones but this audition series dock looks the most stunning. the XW-NAS5 is a 2.1-Channel Speaker System with two 15 watts front facing speakers and a 30 watts down-firing subwoofer. it is Bluetooth-ready for wireless music transmission from A2DP profile Bluetooth-enabled PCs and mobile phones (requires an adapter).

the XW-NAS5 is certified with “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” which means it will work with any recent models of iPod and iPhones. some docks go the analog way but the XW-NAS5 features a true digital connection to your iPod and iPhones. if going wireless via Bluetooth is your choice, then there’s a good news: it will work with A2DP enabled mobiles including iPhone, Blackberry, Android handsets and other smartphone.

other features include a double-isolated enclosure that eliminates cabinet resonance, FM radio with 10 presets, ambient soundscapes and LED clock with alarm functions. this metallic silver clad sound dock has a credit-card sized remote. connectivity include component and composite video out, mini-stereo plug and Bluetooth adapter port.

not only we have tons of iPad cases going around, looks like sound docks are plentiful too. we are just so lucky, don’t you think so? the only thing left to do now is to consult our wallets.

fashion statement with personal 3D glasses: LOOK3D glasses

LOOK3D realD 3D glasses 544px
(image credit: glasses | US$tbc |

everyone is going 3D these days – everything from cinema to home theater system to camera. 3D has never seen such a rage before (still remember JAWS 3D?), until now. since everything is going to be 3D, why not grab a pair of personal 3D glasses? having your own pair means no nasty surprises if the cinema didn’t get those 3D glasses cleaned properly.

LOOK3D has a huge collections of 3D glasses – with a fashion statement. there are the “designer collection”, the “movie collection”, the “directors collection” and last but not least, the “disposable”. it caters to all forms and taste, ranging from retro-chic to funky-styled. go ahead, take your pick.

the LOOK3D glasses are compatible with any cinema using RealD 3D technology. no words on the prices though. strangely, on their website’s main page, there’s a “out top selling frames”. may i ask, top selling to who? in anyway, there’s an upcoming online store to watch for.

explorer’s writing instrument: Limited Edition Dunhill Sentryman Explorer

Limited Edition Dunhill Sentryman Explorer 544px
Dunhill Sentryman Explorer | US$5,000 |

this is the first time we are featuring a writing instrument, an expensive one too. this limited edition writing instrument from Dunhill, dubbed Sentryman Explorer, is a fountain pen with an interchangeable ballpoint forepart.

it isn’t a explorer pen if it doesn’t do something else other then writing. the Sentryman Explorer can light a fire and it really does. no, it’s not a lighter but rather, an artificial flint in the barrel creates a spark when struck against the magnesium material around the cap button, allowing you to light a fire in the cold Antarctica plains.

if you happen to drop your 5,000 bucks anodized aluminum pen in the cold dark night, do not panic. the luminous cap ring enables the pen to be easily be found in the darkness. very sweet but the price is… ouch.

the art of Origami comes to iPad: incase iPad sleeve

incase Origami Sleeve

incase Origami Sleeve | US$34.95 |

there are just too many iPad cases out there. agree? well, here’s another joining in the myriad of designs available: it is the new Origami Sleeve by incase. it has a form-fitting case with slip entry closure for iPad and the sleeve folds (like an origami art) into a stand for either horizontal or vertical viewing.

the exterior is of neoprene material, while the interior is made of plush faux-fur. the Origami Sleeve is only available in black.

incase Origami Sleeve 544
incase Origami Sleeve 544px
(photo credit:

automated your lawn mowing job: MowBot 300

MOWBOT 300 544px
MowBot 300 | £PoA |

how many times have you wished that your lawn mower could do the same like a vacuum robot? well, the MowBot does just that. there are a series of these bots from MowBots, with the 300 series being the range topping model. simply set up the low voltage sensing wire perimeter where you want the MowBot to work in and ready to deploy your bot. when the MowBot is done with its tour of duty, it will returns to its dock to recharge.

there is a range of these MowBots over at, erhmm, well MowBot. different models has different features (and different price point too). the MowBot will returns to it’s charging station when the batteries are low or the schedule you have set is completed. the on board computer learns when the grass needs cutting by gauging the grass growth and length and adjusting the mowing and charging time accordingly.

in areas with heavy grass, MowBot uses a ‘Smart Spiral’ cutting pattern to ensure these areas are evenly cut and at the same time the blade speed adjusts according to the height and thickness of the grass. when the MowBot detects rain, it stops mowing and returns to the border wire or charging station. though the MowBot is fully waterproofed, but mowing of the lawn is best in dry condition. hence this feature was incorporated.

other features include an alarm to deter theft by those sneaky thief who tries to lift the MowBot and make a run with it. as an added security, there’s a security PIN to ensure that only the rightful owner can access it’s programming and operation of the MowBot. Safety aspect has not been overlooked: the MowBot will stop its blade if the carry handle is touched – just in case anyone tries to lift the 16.6Kg MowBot off the lawn while its doing its routine. why would anyone do that, i have absolutely no idea but its better be safe than sorry.

the 300 series is packed with four lithium batteries giving it enough juice to work through 6-8 hours, covering up to 5000m2. if you think automated lawn mowing isn’t high tech enough, you can even control and program the MowBot from your mobile via bluetooth connectivity. that’s what i call advanced. any chance of an app for iPhone?

(photo credit:

what’s new? upcoming stuff and improvements

coming soon to tech.get 544px
busy. busy. busy. busy getting new (and not so new) and cool stuff for readers. this week, it’s all about lifestyle. keep checking back and read about what’s cool and beautiful – all happening this week. plus, a tiny improvement to the future postings here – kind of a value-added ‘service’ for reading from tech.get. you may notice in future post, there will be some word or words in red. just go ahead and mouse over the word for a moment and a small ‘pop-up’ will appear with some simple meaning or explanation. check out the figure below for example.

cool? hope to see back here soon!

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burning desires: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 9 Iron 544px
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 | US$700 (Steel) ; US$900 (Graphite) |

if you are a golfer looking for style and performance, you might want to check out the latest irons to join the TaylorMade family – the Burner 2.0 Irons. design-wise it’s undoubtedly beautiful (and sometime futuristic-looking) and on top of being aesthetically pleasing, careful thoughts were put into designing of this new set of irons.

in summary, the Burner 2.0 Irons has a size progression from the longest irons having the largest heads, thickest top-lines and widest soles; and the short irons have the narrower top-lines and sole widths. every club has its own unique center of gravity (CG). for example, a longer irons would have a CG which is lower and further to back of the club head to give distance, while the shorter irons (such as the 9 iron) would have higher CG to enable easier flight. generally the Burner 2.0 Irons has club-faces that are thinner than its predecessor, which results in delivery of faster ball speed and higher flight.

would it be as forgiving as its predecessor? well, gotta head down the shop, take a demo and see how these clubs work for a fairway-digger like me.

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 PW Iron 544px

(photo credit: