tough clamshell mobile phone with 12megapixel camera: G’zOne Type-X

G'zOne TYPE-X - black 544px
(image credit: Watch Impress)

if you are an adventurer, this tough clamshell mobile phone could be just the phone for you. KDDI and Okinawa Cellular is releasing a mobile handset that will keep the elements out during your outdoor adventure. introducing the G’zOne Type-X clamshell mobile handset. and guess what? Casio Computer Co., Ltd is also involved, therefore you can expect some of their G-Shock treatment to be carried over to the G’zOne Type-X. Continue reading tough clamshell mobile phone with 12megapixel camera: G’zOne Type-X

its no AirPrint but this Photo Printer lets you print direct from your iPhone

Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer for iPhone 544px
(image credit: Mobile Fun) Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer | £119.99 |

the latest iOS 4.2 software update supports AirPrint, but what if you don’t have a wireless printer to take advantage of this features? if its just photo printing you’re looking for, then Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer might be just the gadget of choice. the BP-10 concept is similar with the Canon Selphy Photo Printer, but dedicated to iPhones rather than any other digital cameras. it is compatible with all iPhone and it doubles up as a charging dock for your iPhone.

the printer provides full size 4 x 6 inch photo printing. however, it requires the Bolle app which is available free from the iTunes store. the app facilitates user to select photos from the iPhone album or take a fresh photo for direct printing. operations is simple enough: dock the iPhone on the printer, select the desired photo and hit the print button. other print options include printing multiple photos on one single page and multiple copies printing (up to four copies each time).

is there really a market for dedicated iPhone photo printer? does the resolution of the photo taken with the iPhone justify for a £120 dedicated printer? i don’t know. i am skeptical about printing out hard copies of photo taken with my iPhone 4. then again, i am probably stuck in time with the impression that iPhone camera quality is less than ideal. but i guess the fun and novelty factor are there.

Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer for iPhone 544px
(image credit: Mobile Fun)

Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer for iPhone 544px
(image credit: Mobile Fun)

Japan to get Snoopy-themed Onkyo Windows-based Tablet

Onkyo Snoopy Tablet - Front 544px
(image credit: Onkyo Japan) Onkyo Snoopy-themed Tablet | ¥79,800 |

Onkyo seeks to give its Onkyo tablet a boost with the Japan-only Snoopy-themed tablet. Snoopy or Peanuts fan can expect a Snoopy drawing (with his best friend, Woodstock) on the back of the tablet, a Snoopy stylus and a special “Peanuts” (the comic, not the nut…) case. also included with tablet are special screensavers, icons, wallpapers and a Snoopy calendar.

spotting a 10.1 inch LCD with 1024 x 600px resolution and running on Atom N450 1.66GHz processor, the tablet will have 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 160GB hard drive, two USB ports, SD/SDHC/MMC card reader and a built-in webcam. connectivity includes wireless 802.11b/g/n and bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

on the software front, it will be powered by Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. the Snoopy Onkyo Windows Tablet is open for pre-order now with an expected shipment in March 2011. do note that this is a limited edition Japan-only tablet, so Snoopy fans outside of Japan has to seek other means of acquiring it.

then again, being a Japan-only product, the language used will be in Japanese. that includes the documentations and the Operating System. unless you are able to read Japanese language, you can probably give it a pass.

Onkyo Snoopy Tablet - Back 544px
(image credit: Onkyo Japan)

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cute buttonless Internet Radio: Q2 Internet Radio

Q2 Internet Radio 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio) Q2 Internet Radio | £90.00 |

there are many Internet Radio out there in the market but nothing is as close to this cute Q2 Internet Radio. most Internet Radio are of either contemporary or classic design (a little too ‘up there’ to my liking), but Q2 goes the opposite way by being cheerful, ease of setup, fun to use, compact in size and completely void of buttons and knobs (which make the Q2 stands out even more).

with tens of thousands of Internet Radio today, you can imagine the mammoth task in trying to tune in to a particular station that you desire. here’s where the ease of setup comes in. to set, all you have to do is hook up to a PC or Mac, add the desired station to each sides of the Q2 using the free Q2 Internet Radio software (up to four stations can be set). once done, unplug it and you are good to go.

operations of the Q2 is straight forward: turning the Q2 from side to side changes the preset stations and tilting back or forward changes the volume. no screen, no buttons, no knobs. i hear you asking about muting? well, that’s easy too. just put the Q2 on its face – muted. easy. obviously the Q2 uses WiFi to connect to the preset stations and is supplied with rechargeable battery and a main power adapter.

Q2 comes in five different colors: pink, white, blue, green and black.

Q2 Internet Radio - green, front view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

Q2 Internet Radio green, side view 544px
(image credit: Q2 Radio)

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can you wear a bag instead of carrying it?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - in tote bag form 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)
there are times when you feel like going empty handed to the malls and do some window shopping. but of course with some cash and credit or bank cards. as you go along, you (pretend to) unexpectedly starts to amass a whole lot of merchandise, resulting in lots of shopping bags to carry. no hands? not to worry, just take out your vest and with some structured fiddling and you will have a tote bag at hand to stuff in all your newly acquired merchandise.

sounds impossible? definitely not impossible to designer Rotem Lewinsohn. Rotem Lewinsohn concept, aptly called Wear Me Bag, is a vest, errr… bag… can do just that. starting off as a fashionable vest (in grey, a color usually associated with space-age or sci-fi), a lady wears on her and when extra storage is required, simply remove the vest and systematically converts the vest into a tote bag (see photo below). it looks pretty cool in tote bag form too. wow. can we have a version for man too?

Rotem Lewinsohn Wear Me Bag - how to wear 544px
(image credit: Yanko Design)

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its a shopping bag. its a hanger. so what is it?

DEDE Dextrous Design Get the Hang of It 544px
(image credit: DEDE Dextrous Design) Get the Hang of It | US$tbc(concept) |

this one is definitely going to get the stares and disapproval from tree-huggers out there. wondering why? isn’t it just a simple shopping bag with a graphic of an upside down hanger on? in fact, it is more than just a shopping bag.

the upside down hanger is not a graphic, but instead it is a functional hanger. the hanger can be detached from the shopping and guess what? you can hang your newly purchased clothes with it and any clothes that your fancy.

conceptualized and designed by DEDE Dextrous Design, this project, dubbed Get the Hang of It, is 100% in cool factor but 0% for environmental friendliness. unless the bag has some hidden features that let it be reused. nevertheless, still (novelty) cool.

DEDE Dextrous Design Get the Hang of It 544px
(image credit: DEDE Dextrous Design)

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how do you like your print to be? print screen or print from the screen?

Byeong Min Choe Document Extracter 544px
(credit: Yanko Design)

when we mention ‘Print Screen’ means hitting the ‘PRT SCN’ key on your keyboard for Windows-based machine or Command-Shift-3 on the Mac. however, designer Byeong Min Choe has a different idea – printing your screen directly out from your monitor.

how nice to see your print out being spit out from below your LCD display monitor? seriously, you can’t anymore literal than this. i say its awesome and it saves us some of our valuable table top real estate. now that Min Choe has dreamed up on this, how about doing the same for scanning?

Byeong Min Choe Document Extracter 544px
(credit: Yanko Design)

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awesome Portal Gun replica up for grab at Child’s Play auction

Volpin Props Portal Gun Replica 544px
(image credit: Volpin Props) Portal Gun replica |

i have a penchant for beautiful and sci-fi stuff. even i have not played the game Portal, i was totally captured by the Portal Gun replica by graphic designer and replica props hobbyist, Harrison Krix. i spend many hours admiring this work of art and wishing that i could be at the Child’s Play charity auction to have my bid on it. alas, it was just a dream which could not be realized.

the Portal Gun, if you’re not aware, is a gun which you use to port from Orange to Blue Portal and vice versa. well, porting is still not a reality yet and hence, the replica Portal Gun won’t allow you to be ported to anywhere but as a consolation, it can “fire” both Blue and Orange lights (portal’s existence is via your own imagination). this is as close as you can get to a Portal Gun.

it will be auction off in the coming Child’s Play Annual Charity Dinner Auction, to be held in Seattle on December 7th. if you’re looking at chance of getting this, i say – tough luck as the tickets for the fundraising dinner has already been sold out. now that’s not such a good news isn’t it?

check out more pics of this awesome replica below and a video of the Portal Gun replica in action.

Volpin Props Portal Gun Replica side view 544px
(image credit: Volpin Props)

Volpin Props Portal Gun Replica rear angled view 544px
(image credit: Volpin Props)

Volpin Props Portal Gun Replica guns with both Orange and Blue Portals 544px
(image credit: Volpin Props)

via Volpin Props and DVICE

nature meets technology with Koostik iPhone dock

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock front angled view 544px
(image credit: Koostik) Koostik iPhone Dock | from US$85 |

technology advancements really gets to our head and we started going on some unstoppable buy-buy-buy spree, adding more advanced gadgets to our already burgeoning gadgetry arsenal. its an addiction. but isn’t it time to take step back from those expensive designers electronics and get back to basic? well, you can start with the low-tech KOOSTIK iPhone dock.

the KOOSTIK is a sound dock that amplifies your iPhone by 2 to 4 times – hardly an exhilarating performance comparing the sound docks out in the market but it was never meant to be a performance sound dock to start with. for a start Koostik is all natural and doesn’t use any form electronic for sound amplification. amplification sounds is via channelling of the docked iPhone to the left and right hollowed out ‘speakers’.

no electronics involved means that no power is required to use the KOOSTIK. however, it also won’t be able to charge your iPhone while your are spinning your tunes. accordingly to the designer, this beautiful crafted sound dock is not a replacement to electronically amplified item but its more intended for intimate vocals and instrumentals sound in relax settings. well, we heard you KOOSTIK. we saw the video demo and we are totally impressed.

KOOSTIK is hand made entirely out of solid wood in America and is available in six different solid wood combinations. good news for those outside of the USA, KOOSTIK ships internationally too.

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock front view 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock side view 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

KOOSTIK iPhone Dock 544px
(image credit: Koostik)

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advanced bouncing chair that moves like the way you do

4moms mamaRoo advance bouncing chair 544px
(image credit: 4moms) mamaRoo Bouncing Chair | US$185 |

while grown-ups are busy ogling over their shiny gadgets aka grown-up toys, babies do deserved to have a piece of the gadget action. well, they may be too young to tell you that, but as a grown-up, you can get them started. take for instant, this (space-pod looking) advanced bouncing chair called mamaRoo from 4moms. Continue reading advanced bouncing chair that moves like the way you do

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